20 Things Aussie men should know to be a real man

Can the real Aussie man please stand up?

Aussie Simon Baker is a heartthrob the world over – he appears to know what it is to be a real man.

A UK survey of 2000 women and men by British company William Hill ( one of the largest bookmakers in the UK) has come up with a list of 50 things a man should know or be able to do to be considered a real man- and it’s got us laughing into our coconut water (it’s FebFast after all).

From being able to shine his shoes and shave to knowing what his partner likes to drink, the list is great water cooler chat.

But we’re not British – at Bondi Beauty, we’ve come up with our list of 25 things we reckon Aussie men should know to be a real man:

  1. His girlfriend (or wife’s) nickname
  2. What his girlfriend ( or wife) likes to eat
  3. How to make breakfast
  4. How to clean up after breakfast
  5. How to iron a shirt
  6. How to parallel park
  7. How to apply sunscreen to a woman’s body without being sleazy
  8. How to say sorry
  9. How to share his feelings with a woman
  10. How to manscape
  11. The importance of safe sex – every time
  12. That beer isn’t the only drink on the face of the earth
  13. How to manage frustration and/or anger
  14. How to kiss (properly)
  15. How to ask a woman out
  16. Know the art of a surprise
  17. Know how to end a relationship respectfully
  18. Know they should always pay on a first date
  19. Know not to talk about sex, ex-girlfriends or relationship issues on a first date
  20. Know to respond to texts from girls in good time
  21. How to teach his girl about his favourite sport (in a fun way)
  22. Know that Facebook is not real
  23. Know they should never date their ex-girlfriend’s friends
  24. Know they should not be hanging out with their ex-girlfriend when dating someone new
  25. How to sexually satisfy a woman
The Notebook’s Noah is a great reminder of what it is to be a real man.

Top 50 things you should know to be a real (British) man

According to a survey by William Hill

  1. His wedding anniversary date
  2. Basic DIY
  3. How to change a light bulb
  4. How to tie up a tie
  5. How to read a map
  6. His partner’s favourite drink
  7. How to iron a shirt
  8. How to change a tyre
  9. How to wet shave correctly
  10. The right amount of aftershave to use
  11. How to change a fuse
  12. When a woman says “I’m fine” she is not fine
  13. How to put up a shelf
  14. How to polish his shoes
  15. How to give a confident handshake
  16. How many inches are in a foot
  17. When to accept defeat and apologise
  18. Know the offside rule
  19. The year England won the World Cup
  20. How to do his own laundry
  21. How to fix a bike puncture
  22. How to jumpstart a car
  23. How to parallel park
  24. The difference between ale and lager
  25. The best way to carve meat
  26. His own height
  27. How to drive in snow
  28. What wires represent earth, live and neutral
  29. How to introduce himself
  30. His parents’ address
  31. What the football scores were at the weekend
  32. How to light a BBQ
  33. When a woman says “Do what you want” do not do what you want
  34. How to change oil
  35. What the biggest recent football transfers are
  36. How to build a fire
  37. Which way is North
  38. How to use the contents of the toolbox
  39. How to tune in a telly
  40. How many miles are left after the petrol light appears
  41. How to fix a toilet
  42. How to put someone in a recovery position
  43. His personal alcohol limits
  44. Change a battery on a car
  45. How to get a car unstuck
  46. The words to the national anthem
  47. How to change a nappy
  48. How to perform CPR
  49. How to put up a tent
  50. Who are favourites to win the Premier League

 What do you want your man to have to be considered a “real man”?






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