How to Help a Loved One Dealing with Cancer

Anyone dealing with cancer requires a lot of support from family and friends.

But there are ways you can help support your loved ones dealing with cancer, without wearing your own emotional barriers down at the same time.

Pree-Cook Meals for them:

Cook up a large amount of soup, stir fry and pasta dishes, package them into small microwavable containers, which can also be frozen This will not only help those who are undergoing treatment for cancer to have easy access to meals when they aren’t feeling up to cooking. This also helps the family out too, if they are busy with work and other commitments and need a break.

Help Clean the House:

I know I know, you barely have time to clean your own house, let alone someone else’s. Offer to help out someone dealing with cancer, by asking if they need a quick vacuum at their place, or help with the washing. You don’t need to spring clean the house or anything, just give them a small break from worrying about the small things like vacuuming the rug.

Take Them Out for the Day:

When someone is dealing with cancer, a change of scenery is the best medicine. Of course, do expect some cancellations from time to time, if you have made plans with someone who is undergoing treatment for cancer, as they can often wake up feeling very rundown and sick at times and don’t want to leave the house. In those cases, offer if you can still come visit them and help out with anything at the house so they can have a day of rest. Otherwise, a nice trip to the beach, to sit and enjoy a coffee in the cool sea air might just be want they need to help clear their head.

Care for the Carer:

Remember the carer sometimes needs caring too. So, don’t forget to call your friend and make sure they are okay from time to time. Help them when they need it and even offer to mind their kids (if they have any) so they can go out for some respite. The small things do matter and often the carers get forgotten about, when a loved is going through cancer treatment.

If you are dealing with cancer, or know anyone who is and needs some extra support, or just someone to talk to. Call the Cancer Hotline today. Click here for details.

Rebecca Wilkinson

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