Eight ways to ensure you have the right profile picture

Social Media has taken the world by storm – especially the dating world, and your profile picture is now more important then ever if you want a partner who is the right fit.

A great example of a profile picture that works.


Putting your best face forward could be the key to a lasting, loving relationship, but projecting the right image to a potential partner has very little to do with applying the correct lighting and instagram filter.

1) Showcase your positive character traits. This is the best way to draw in someone who is likeminded and wants similar things from the dating experience.

2) If you want to be seen as outgoing and friendly, choose a photo where people surround you. Make sure you’re clearly the central focus of the image so Mr. Swipe-Right can see you stand out from the crowd.

3) Don’t pick the best photo you have – pick an image that really looks like you.

4)  Don’t put up images with your arm around someone of the opposite sex – even if it’s a sibling. It confuses things instantly.

5) Include a snap of you in action if you want someone who is fit. Studies show people who whose outfit came across as conservative rather than real were viewed as less adventurous.

6) Don’t photoshop. In an age of rampant photoshop usage, most people can spot a heavily edited profile a mile away. When a clearly doctored image appears on social media, questions are quickly raised with regards to the authenticity and personality of the user.

7) Stay away from dark photos that can be seen as too moody or brooding.

8) Smile. Neutral expressions can be viewed as judgmental and clinical. This is not the time to whip out your passport photo, save that one for the customs office at Malibu Airport en route to a romantic getaway for two.


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