The Fitness You Need For A Better Sex Life

There are fitness exercises you need for a better sex life, to ensure your body is fitter outside the bedroom so you are prepared when you go into it.

Sex as Exercise: Training for a Better Bedroom Experience

For Australian women, sex, like any physical activity, benefits from conditioning. And sex is actually form of physical fitness, as it involves movement and exercise.

In other words, building a strong body outside the bedroom translates to a more satisfying experience inside it.

There are exercises you can focus on for better sex.

Kegel Exercises for Pelvic Health

The pelvic floor plays a crucial role in sexual pleasure. Weak or tight pelvic floor muscles can hinder the intensity of orgasms or cause pain during penetration.

Kegel exercises strengthen these muscles while emphasising the importance of fully relaxing them after each contraction.

Diaphragmatic breathing can also help relax tight pelvic floors. This is particularly important for women who have had children.

Improve Hip Mobility for Better Sex

Hours of sitting can lead to tight hip muscles, fascia, and ligaments, resulting in pain during sex.

Massage your glutes, hips, and hamstrings with a tennis ball or massage gun to release tension, then follow with stretches like cat-cow or happy baby pose.

Exercises like deep squats and kettlebell swings improve hip mobility and build strength.

Five Minutes of Yoga a Day

Yoga can improve hip mobility and core strength, and deep diaphragmatic breathing relaxes both the nervous system and pelvic floor.

Even lying on a yoga mat, placing your hands on your belly, and breathing deeply can promote relaxation and improve sexual satisfaction.

Improved fitness leads to better sex.

Strengthen the Core for Endurance

A strong core enhances endurance and helps you feel solid in your body. It can also strengthen stomach muscles and even give women more confidence when they are naked.

A regular fitness routine not only ensures that your body functions properly but can also address issues like low sex drive and pain during penetration.

Regular exercise also promotes body awareness, which can positively impact sexual experiences.

Cardio Workouts for Sexual Health

A strong cardiovascular system is crucial for sexual health, as it powers erections and vaginal lubrication.

Building a cardio baseline before incorporating high-intensity intervals like sprints or brisk stair climbs to improve endurance for the bursts of exertion sex requires.

Strengthen the Entire Core

A strong core aids in sexual movement, as most muscles and nerves involved in sex integrate into this area.

Daily front and side planks engage the core muscles, which can reduce back and hip pain during and after sex.

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