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Rachael Finch’s Stressbusters

Stressbusters that will leave you ready to leave your stress behind and move forward. Unfortunately, stress is a part of our day to day life and sometimes cannot be avoided. It can come in a variety of ways through work, at home or personally. An overload of stress can be harmful to the body and […]

Eat Your Chocolate Guilt-Free (Without Putting On Any Weight) YES!

Historically cocoa has been termed “food of the Gods”. This is not just because of chocolate’s heavenly taste, but also it’s potential to promote good health. Cacao refers to the raw seeds from the Theobroma tree and the use of cacao for health benefits dates back at least 3000 years. Writings of Mesoamerican civilisations describe […]

Reflexology can heal your past – here are 5 other revelations about it.

Reflexology has a host of holistic benefits you may not even know about. Expert Sydney reflexologist Hannah Hemphenstall explains. 1 Cleanses Your Colon As a Bondi Beauty fan you know all about the benefits of fasting and juicing, but did you know reflexology can help cleanse the bowel and rid the body of toxic build […]