Eating less calories could help you live longer


A new study has shown why restricting our calories helps us live longer.

The study found that eating less calories during the day has big effects on our bodies while we sleep, which in turn, may increase our lifespan.

The study was conducted by Leanne Redman of Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana and her colleagues, over a 2 year period.  There were 53 participants chosen at random to take-part. Of those 53 adults, 34 people ate 15 percent fewer calories than the daily recommended limit while the others ate as much as they wanted.

In the second year, the researchers noticed the effect consuming limited calories had on participants sleep.

Those on the calorie restricted diets saw a dramatic drop in their night-time metabolic rates, and a drop in their night time body temperature. Overall, metabolism measured during sleep was reduced by 10 per cent.

You know how people always say it’s better to have a fast metabolism? WELL HERE’S A PLOT TWIST AND A HALF. A fast metabolism most likely means a shorter lifespan.

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Well, didn’t see that coming…

We’re about to go real deep in some year 10 science here so settle yourselves in while we attempt to explain some shit.

The general scientific theory is that the faster your metabolism the shorter you’ll live.

Your metabolic rate is the amount of energy you use to keep your body functioning while you rest, the faster it is the more energy you use. ~Science~ link a fast metabolism to a shorter lifespan because your cells get damaged quicker in the process.

This is called cellular oxidative damage.

Cellular stress has also been linked to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Incredibly, the blood samples from those 34 people who were restricting their calories, had a 20 percent drop in oxidative cellular stress.

So why would our body slow down with less calories?

A low-calorie diet means you’re not consuming an abundance of food. Food is our fuel, and our source of energy. With less food, our bodies are forced to have a lower metabolic rate to conserve the limited fuel being consumed.

Calorie restriction certainly isn’t for everyone. It is a huge lifestyle change which takes constant meal planning. Some people also noticed a loss of libido.

This study did not focus on weight loss, and while an increase in life is a very big bonus to cutting out some of those calories, it should be done safely and in-consultation with an accredited practicing dietitian or your doctor.

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