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Looking to boost your Collagen? We trialled a host of collagen beauty products, so you don’t have to you. You’re welcome.

Collagen. It seems like every brand has jumped on board with a host of collagen infused beauty products. From skincare, to powders, body sprays and vitamins.

With the scientific belief we all stop producing collagen in our twenties, in makes sense that we should all be sipping collagen teas, adding collagen powders into our coffees and using collagen infused skincare – you know, to boost collagen on the inside of the body, and on the outside too.

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And most certainly, it can be challenging at the best of times to determine whether the collagen is actually working for you. Especially when it can take more than a month of trialling a collagen product to see if it actually has made a difference or not.

Before I go into the teams reviews of the collagen products they trialled, let me explain a little about using collagen beauty products.

No matter what age you are, skin will always change. Depending on the season, or whether you drank too much wine last night, or not enough water throughout the day. Or perhaps you decided to eat that slice of chocolate cake sitting in the fridge.

Many things on a daily basis can contribute to how your skin changes. The skin is the largest organ after all.

So, the question of whether collagen products work or not, is often left to the user to decide on how their skin recovers from trauma, such as a bad diet, being in the sun all day, or whether you are menstruating or not.

I have been using a collagen powder in my coffee now for more than four months and the significant changes I have noticed over everything, is on the days where I have been too busy and forgotten to drink as much water, my skin still looks soft and plump. And when I do have occasional monthly breakouts, those breakouts tend not to last as long as they used to. Though a host of essential skincare probably helps with that too.

Though there are plenty of articles online explaining the research behind collagen and why we all need it. It certainly can’t hurt to introduce it into your daily routine. And if adding in another skincare product seems a little tiresome, that’s when collagen teas and powders really come in handy.

Here’s what the team thought on how they faired with their collagen products:

I always find collagen is one of those products, where the easier it is to take, the more likely I am going to use it. Especially when on a daily basis, I am forever taking vitamins and minerals to help me combat any type of ailment I may be at risk of getting.

TOKA Lab have made it easier than ever to include collagen into your daily diet, with super convenient powder sachets, available in Matcha or Turmeric, Turmeric being my favourite. you can mix it up warm with your favourite type of milk (almond is delicious) as a latter, to start into water and easily enjoy as a morning drink or with lunch.

It tastes delicious and was easy to manage in my daily routine, enjoying a quick drink every day to boost my collagen levels. Though it took a few days for me to feel any collagen effects, after a week I found my hair was shinier and my bones less achy in the morning.

Life Botanics Marine Collagen Powder RRP $24.99

Life Botanics Marine Collagen Powder is unflavoured and perfect to add to any smoothie or hot drink (like your morning coffee), or just spoon it into a glass of water.

Can Grow Beauty Bod Collagen Powder RRP $119

This powder promises to helps to promote firmer, plumper skin, reduction in cellulite, stronger hair and nails, better gut health, reduction in inflammation and joint pain and stronger bones within 4 to 8 weeks.

I trialled this product for more more than four months. The powder goes a long way, so it was really great to be able to give this product a good go to determine whether it worked or not. I had a scoop a day in my morning coffee. It’s tasteless and you wouldn’t even know it was in the coffee. It can also be added into any meal or drink, or mixed in water.

I felt noticeable changes in my gut health and skin health, within 4 weeks of using it. Though I have always had fairly healthy nails, I did notice they grew a lot faster than normal, which was great. I love this product and will be adopting it into my daily routine permanently.

Locako Aphrodisiac Hot Chocolate by Locako RRP $29.95

This is hot chocolate at its sexiest. You mix it with water and a dash fo milk – I use almond milk. And it is infused with bioactive marine collagen, magnesium and oyster extract. The three best ingredients for beautiful skin, and strong hair and nails.

Locako Collagen hot choocolate product

Plus the oyster extract even acts as an aphrodisiac. Locako have a host of collagen products including brownies which we all absolutely love at Bondi Beauty (full story coming soon).

Kynd Nutricosmetic Collagen FORTE 10 Sachets RRP $29.99

This product promises to promotes skin structure, hair and nail health, whilst protecting against cellular damage. They contain premium grade marine collagen peptides to increase the body’s collagen production. 

BB Writer Anisha says: ‘I trialled this products for a week. The sachets were easy to use and came in a delicious berry flavour. As the box only had 10 sachets to trial I wasn’t able to see much of an impact after only 1 week.

I did however appreciate how simple and easy it was to use and would definitely trial it for a longer period in the future. For a bit of a kick, I liked to add lemon to my water before I mixed the powder in.”

Vani-T Lumiere Collagen Beauty Peptides RRP $69.95

This product promises to product promises in 30 days, to improve skin, hair and nail healthy, fight visible signs of ageing, assist with gut, bone and joint health. 

BB Writer Montana says: “I trialled this product once a day for a month. I used this in two ways. If it was having a smoothie for breakfast I would add a scoop. It was totally unnoticeable so it was really easy to ingest. If I wasn’t having a smoothie, I would mix it with a bit of water and take it like a shot.

It didn’t taste great, but it didn’t taste horrible, totally tolerable. The biggest change I noticed was my nails. Usually, I have quite short, weak and brittle nails that are constantly chipping. Currently they are super long and feel so much stronger. I also noticed a boost in my energy levels.”

Spascriptions Collagen Facial Serum RRP $17.99

This product is proven to revive skin elasticity and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

BB Writer Anisha says: “The serum came out clear and was quite runny. It took a few minutes to be absorbed into the skin. I can definitely see that my complexion has an overall healthier appearance. The serum was very nourishing, leaving my skin naturally dewier throughout the day as well as successfully smoothing out lines on my face.”

Swisse Beauty Collagen Glow with Collagen Peptides RRP $34.99

This product promises promises to help support collagen production and skin integrity from within. It is also combined with Vitamin C and Antioxidants to reduce free radical damage to cells in the body. 

BB writer Montana says: “I trialled this product once a day for a month. It is available in both tablet form and powder. I trialled the powder version which had a strawberry flavour to it. I mixed it with water because I didnt want it to overtake the flavour of my smoothie or coffee. It was totally tolerable with water, it just made the water a bit think, which is to be expected.

This summer, I have been guilty of getting quite sunburnt. The only positive is that I noticed my skin recover so much quicker than usual, which I do not think is a coincidence. My skin is also a lot more ‘glowy’, as the product name suggests.”

Vani-T Aphrodi-Tea Balancing Collagen Beauty Tea RRP $29.95

Blended with biodynamic collagen peptides and organic botanicals, this balancing herbal tea will claims to help relieve stress, invoking a deep sense of calm and healthy inner balance while assisting with improved skin texture, thicker hair and stronger nails. 

BB Writer Tara says: “This loose leaf tea contains green tea sencha, elderflower and ginger root, creating a deep grounding flavour that’s perfect to drink at the end of a long day. Like with any collagen based product, the benefits are not seen as an overnight result. While my hair and nails did grow, it’s hard to say with certainty this is as a result of drinking the tea a few times a week.

However, the tea itself, with it’s rich flavour was a relaxing ritual to add to the end of my day and as such it aided in stress relief as claimed. However, arguably, the same benefits could be said for a non-collagen based tea.”

Peter Thomas Roth Firm X Collagen Range:

This incredible new range by Peter Thomas Roth is the perfect solution to fixing any collagen issues you have with the exterior of the skin. Using revolutionary technology, each product contains a specialised formulation of seven different types of required collagen for the ultimate in skin health.

The serum is designed to help skin appear firmer and smoother to help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and improve elasticity and reduce sagginess.

The eye cream will visible combat fine lines and wrinkles, with a noticeable reduction in crows feet at the edges of the outer rims of the eye. This cream also helps reduce dark spots and boosts hydration under the eye.

The cream significantly boost hydration on the skin, giving it the look of plumpness and youthfulness, whilst reducing any fine lines and wrinkles and making skin look nice and firm, with an almost natural lifting loo to the face.

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