Five things you may not know about figs

From lowering blood pressure to helping lose weight, there are health benefits of figs you may not even know about:

Eating figs can help you lose weight and even lower blood pressure.


1) Good for Blood Pressure
Potassium is a mineral essential for good blood pressure, especially given most people’s salty diets. A balance between potassium and sodium is one way to help prevent hypertension and figs contain lots of potassium.

2) Help you lose weight
One of the biggest problems when trying to lose weight is never feeling full enough. Well ensuring you’re getting lots of dietary fibre is, according to some studies, a good way to feel fuller for longer without sacrificing your diet. Figs have a very high dietary fibre content and they’re so sweet they work well as a guilt-free dessert to finish up a meal.

3) Strong Bones
A lot of people might think that calcium is mainly found in dairy products, but that’s just not true. Calcium is present in all kinds of food and figs are one of them. Plus, their high potassium is believed to help in the retention of calcium – something that can be a problem in high-sodium diets.

4) Satisfy that sweet craving
You can eat figs to satisfy those cravings for sugary foods. They’re incredibly sweet, rich, and juicy without unprocessed  sugar found in lollies and chocolate. So next time you want an afternoon snack, grab a fig instead of a chocolate bar.

5) Good for insulin resistance and diabetes (if you eat the leaves) 
Figs aren’t the only thing that’s healthy about the Ficus tree. Fig leaves also have startling antidiabetic properties. Studies have linked eating fig leaves to a reduction in the amount of insulin needed by people with diabetes who have insulin injection. Try using them as a wrap for rice and vegetable dishes!

By Alex Bodnaruk

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