Xtend Barre Director Rockell Williamson-Rudder chats to BB

We caught up with International Xtend Barre Director Rockell Williamson-Rudder to tell us more about this unique exercise.

Xtend Barre’s Rockell Williamson-Rudder



Describe Xtend Barre in three words: Total Body Workout – Your Body on Point.

How was the idea born?  It was created by Andrea Rogers, a former dancer and Pilates Instructor. She started to blend dance foundations into her sessions with her Pilates clients, with great results and from this Xtend Barre was born.

When did it start in America and when did it start in Australia? Xtend Barre launched in the USA in 2007 and I brought the workout to Australia at the end of 2010. It’s the only international barre program available, which is pretty nice to be able to Xtend anywhere around the globe.



What got you interested in Xtend Barre and inspired you to teach it? Being a former professional dancer and a Pilates trainer, I felt from my first class that Xtend Barre was the perfect combination of both those worlds. It is like no other barre workout and the dynamic movement coupled with solid foundations inspired me to want to both want to teach the workout and work with the company.

What makes this workout uniquely beneficial?  Xtend Barre is a very dynamic barre class that has a strong cardio element. The foundations are also very pure, built on the Pilates principles and dance. It such a well thought out programme rather than just a series of exercises. We continue to add in new levels and layers and present the most forward moving barre programme in the world.

What advice would you give to a first time Xtender? Have fun! You are not meant to look like a member of the Aussie Ballet Company. It’s about moving your body to feel like a dancer……and that may take 5 or 6 classes but that’s OK. Just like anything new, the terminology and steps will become more familiar with more classes and practice.

Are there any tricks you can do outside of class to improve your performance in class? YES – head to our Barreology section on the website for weekly tips on technique and more. http://www.xtendbarre.com/barreology/

What if you have previous injuries. Can you still take part? Always tell your trainer about any old injuries so they can make necessary modification for you.

What age groups can take part? Are men welcomed to all classes? We have everyone from teens to women in their early 70’s Xtending! Our new Xtend Circuit 7 class is also seeing men come to our studio’s too. 

Are there any exciting new features or plans for Xtend Barre? New studios or programmes on the horizon etc. We are super excited for our Xtend Barre Cairns location opening soon as well as reaching the western suburbs of Sydney with Xtend Barre Campbelltown, also opening soon. Our new programmes, Roll and Release, Xtend Barre Fit Ball, Xtend Circuit 7 and Xtend Suspend are all new additions and really making Xtend Barre studio’s a place where you can take our addictive Xtend Barre classes as well as many other elite offerings in different styles.


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