How To Customise Your Fitness Apparel

how to personalise your fitness apparel

Tired of the same old fitness brands and wearing the same gear as everyone else? Customise your fitness apparel for a whole new look.

Customising everything is a huge trend sweeping the world. From designer bags to jewellery, and even manicures, everything can be customised. So why not fitness gear?

Tips For Customizing Fitness Apparel

Whether you have to take a giant leap from your couch to the gym or you’re already living an active lifestyle, customising transforms your regular activewear into personalised fitness fashion statements. 

Here are some ways you can level up your fitness gear so you can look and feel good throughout your workout routine:

  • Start With The Basics

Activewear is a must no matter where you choose to exercise, and it has become a must as day wear here in Sydney.

The right kind of clothes ned to be comfortable, but they can also boost your performance.

Customising can be as simple as your initials on your leggings or gym top or you can put an inspirational quote on the back of a t-shirt or singlet.

Use text in different font styles and sizes to make your message stand out. You can even add cute graphics to make it eye-catching.

If you’re not that artsy, you can click here for some help. Custom printing can bring your fitness mantra to life through compelling texts, amusing graphics, or a combination of both.

  • Choose Breathable Fabrics

Aside from printing your fitness mantra, you can choose the type of fabric for your clothes. Here’s a pro tip: choose clothes that are lightweight, flexible, and breathable.

Fabrics such as nylon and spandex allow you to move freely during intense activities and won’t weigh you down no matter how many rounds or miles you go.

You can also look for materials with moisture-wicking capabilities to keep you cool as you sweat it out in the gym or at home. Organic fibres such as cotton, bamboo, and wool can keep you dry and odour-free.

There are also synthetic fabrics that’ll shield you from harmful UV rays when you’re exercising outdoors. Polyester comes with a sun protection factor that protects your skin and keeps your workout clothes vibrant despite exposure to the sun.

  • Customize For Visibility

Aside from designing your outfits to provide you with inspiration, you can customize your gear for protection when you’re outdoors.

If you’re fond of running in the early morning or early evening, it’s best to add a reflectorized belt or vest so motorists can see you in low light. Increased visibility will help you steer clear of accidents.

  • Go Beyond Stylish And Opt For Sustainable

Custom apparel not only motivates you to achieve your fitness goals but allows you to contribute to conservation efforts as well. Sustainable activewear is made from recyclable materials and undergoes low carbon emission processes. It’s a sensible alternative that makes you feel good about yourself and the environment.

Eco-friendly clothes aren’t only limited to being used as workout apparel since they can easily be turned into everyday streetwear. Also known as athleisure, comfortable clothes are statement pieces on the gym floor and make good outfits for work, school, and other places.

Although athleisure is trending these days, customizing allows you to stand out from the rest. Your inspiration tees will keep you motivated for after-work gym sessions and encourage you to step up your game in other aspects of your life.

Custom Fitness And More

Fitness apparel is no longer restricted to your workout routine as it’s equally suitable and even acceptable for everyday wear.

Customising your apparel gives it character through graphic illustrations and bold statements. What’s more, choosing the right kind of fabric extends your fitness goals to include earth-friendly initiatives.

Custom fitness apparel worn during workouts and even in casual venues not only serves as visual representations of your fitness goals but can also echoe your values towards life and the environment.

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