Need a New Sports Bra – Check Out These Top 6 We Road Tested

the best sports bras for 2021

Six cute and functional sports bras sure to inspire you to head to the gym

Sports bras. We all need one. But with so many available on the market, it’s hard to pick the ones that work from the ones that don’t.

And we’ve all been there, right? That moment, where you’re not even five minutes into your fitness session, and you’re already adjusting the straps or shifting the cup around as it moves whilst working out. Argh! The frustration is real. And let’s not get started with the wrong support.

Though many do provide the support you need for any type of workout. It’s hard to tell when trying them on in the shop before purchasing, whether or not the sports bras is going to function the way it needs to. To reduce the bounce and give you support and stay in place.

Tried and tested by us, we have put six sports bras to the test to help you make a decision on what works and what doesn’t for working out. And yes, this includes yoga and Pilates as well.

Energy Bra – Lululemon: RRP $44

Perfect for yoga and walking, this sports bra has minimal support, so we wouldn’t recommend wearing for any high intensity workouts like running. The fabric is smooth and fits well against the skin, and also makes for a comfortable replacement for your normal bra on days where you’re chilling at home or having brunch with the girls.

It’s available in a variety of colours, from plain to multicoloured.

Panache Moulded Sports Bra – DeBra’s Panache: RRP $99.95

Ideal for running and boxing. Providing outstanding support under the breast preventing up to 83 percent less bounce, this bra is ideal for wearing when you are boxing, running or doing a HIIT class. The bra has breathable mesh panels reducing sweat, and the straps are nice and wide preventing too much movement on the shoulders whilst wearing.

DeBra’s are currently offering 30% off Lattice Mesh Leggings with any Sports Bra purchased from their site.

Strappy Sports Crop – Cotton On Body: RRP $24.99

Great for smaller breasts and ideal for yoga and Pilates. The fabric is soft and has removable padded inserts for extra support if needed. Ideal for smaller breasts as it’s provides minimal support for lots of movement, but enough support for a Pilates or yoga class.

The cross of the straps at the back are low pressure, so no tight pulling across the shoulder or lower neck area.

Glamorise Sports Cami Bra – DeBra’s Glamorise: RRP $67.95

Perfect for high intensity work outs and comfortable enough to wear casually as well. This bra is designed for larger breasts and provides full support to reduce any excess movement whilst moving, by holding the bust in place without any uncomfortable pressure.

The fabric is fast drying which is perfect for working out in and super soft on the skin, so you can wear this as a replacement for your normal bra if needed.

Balboa Sports Bra – Lorna Jane: RRP $65

Great for weight-lifting, yoga and walking. More supportive than you think, this bra is great for general everyday workouts when no running or high intensity is required. 

Designed to reduce bust bounce with a supportive and elasticated under bust, it doesn’t lock in the support, so if you decide to go for a run you may not get the support you’re looking for. Depending on the bust size. Not recommended for large breasts as there is little support for larger busts. Great for every-day wear as the fabric is soft and breathable.

Boo Buddy Breast Band: RRP $35.95

This one is not exactly a sports bra, but certainly worth the mention. Designed for any type of workout. The Breast Band works with any type of sports bra, no matter the support.

The idea is, you wear the wrap around your bust area to lock in support and then lock it in by wearing your fave sports bra on top. It works to help prevent any bouncing and works with any type of sports bra, to provide that little bit of extra support for any size bust.

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