Our favourite health and fitness sites.

Ever spent hours trying to find the right website for you?  Here are our favourite health and fitness sites.

Wading through the plethora of websites on health & fitness is not easy.

We’ve found the best of the best health and fitness websites we know and love.

Well and Good NYC: http://www.wellandgoodnyc.com

Health, wellness, new fitness trends and the right health products are just some of the gems on this fab website. Pumping out health and fitness stories and info, this site is not afraid to comment on relationships and daily stories.

 What we love; Well and Good NYC tell us what NOT to spend money on.

Daily Life: http://www.dailylife.com.au/

This site has categories like health & fitness, nutrition, well being and sport. But there’s a twist… Daily life offers a Q&A style forum answered for the public by the public.

What we love; The content Daily life publish is personal and deals with the everyday stuff. For example their article on “ode to a medium-sized woman”

Elite Daily: http://elitedaily.com/

The voice of generation Y talks sport, relationships, fashion, beauty and just about everything else the modern girl needs.

What we love; Their dating category offers good advice on everything dating

Zen to Fitness: http://www.zentofitness.com/

Zen to Fitness is a great all round American fitness website. It includes tips on healthy eating, fitness trends and any current news in the world of health and fitness.

What we love; their videos on anything from weight loss to physiological issues are awesome


By BB Intern Dominique Tait



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