Your Hair will Seriously Thank You for a Deep Cleaning Scalp Scrub

deep cleaning scalp scrubs

The answer to oily hair in need of deep cleaning is as simple as finding the right scalp scrub.

Is using a scalp scrub really necessary? According to hair experts, scalp scrubs are super important for removing oil and creating clean, healthy hair.

They are the haircare equivalent of exfoliators for the skin. According to Carolyn Evans-Frost, owner of Absolique Hair Clinic in Brisbane, “a scalp scrub is similar to a face scrub in purpose, but with different ingredients suited to scalp skin”.

scalp scrub
Having an effective hair care routine is a must.

A hair care routine that is considered effective always starts from the scalp.

Scalp scrubs play primal roles in preventing flaky scalps, cleansing the skin of product build up, and boosting circulation to increase the health of the hair.

They help revive unhealthy and damaged hair, enhancing its shine and improving its growth abilities.

How are scalp scrubs used?

To use a scalp scrub, apply it onto wet hair that has just been shampooed.

Comb through the hair and separate it into sections, applying the scrub to the individual parts of the scalp. This can be applied using either the fingertips or a brush / glove that is used specifically for hair exfoliation. 

Ensure to follow directions for specific products, but as a basic guideline scalp scrubs should be left in the hair for 5-10 minutes before being rinsed off with cool water.

scalp scrubs
Scalp scrubs are ideal for use on wet or damp hair.

Avoid washing the scrub off with hot water as this will remove all the nourishing oils that are present in the hair.

To avoid damaging the hair, rub the scrub into the scalp in a circular and gentle motion.

Deep cleansing scalp scrubs to try:

Sukin – Natural Balance Scalp Scrub ($21.95)


scalp scrubs for hair

This scalp scrub by Sukin removes build-up of any hair products and gently exfoliates the skin on the scalp.

Some of its key ingredients that make it vegan, carbon neutral, cruelty free and 100% natural are Peppermint extract, Ginger extract and bamboo powder. Together these help maintain and purify the scalp.

The scrub should be used once to twice a week and is suitable for all hair types.

Frank Body – Caffeinated Scalp Scrub ($18.95)


Calling out all caffeine lovers, this scalp scrub is a physical exfoliant that removes product build up and dead skin cells, with coffee being the main ingredient.

It removes impurities from the scalp like oil and dirt, emphasising the importance of scalp care.

Apart from this, it also aims to improve the overall health and strength of the hair.

Australian made and owned, all Frank Body products use native ingredients that purely serve the purpose of nourishing and protecting.

Ouai – Scalp & Body Scrub ($58)


scalp scrubs your hair will thank you for

Not only can it be used for the scalp, this multifunctional foaming scrub can also be used all over the body.

When used once a week, the exfoliating sugar crystals within the scrub cleanse and soften the skin.

When used on the scalp, it can also treat minor hair issues such as dandruff.

Drunk Elephant – T.L.C. Happi Scalp Scrub ($51)


scalp scrubs for your hair

This scalp scrub by Drunk Elephant is part of a collaboration with celebrity hair stylist Chris McMillan which focuses on scalp health.

Part of the goal of this line is to use ingredients like amino acids to nourish the hair and boost shine.

It includes ingredients vital to skin and hair health such as cellulose acetate (a plant-derived biodegradable scrub agent that provides gentle exfoliation) and Baobab seed oil (includes omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and is intensely moisturising for the skin and hair).

Brown Sugar and Oatmeal Hair Scrub (HOMEMADE)

A scalp scrub doesn’t always have to be store bought – it can be made from ingredients around the home.

scalp scrubs for your hair
Scalp scrubs can easily be made from ingredients around the house.

Simply combine all the ingredients here and apply to the scalp. The ingredients in this hair scrub will create a physical exfoliant that removes dead skin cells.


  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons oatmeal, finely ground
  • 2 tablespoons of hair conditioner (of your choice)

Scalp scrub tools to try:

Briogeo – Scalp Revival Stimulating Therapy Massager ($23)

scalp scrubs

This hand-held scalp massager will make any scalp and hair care routine easier.

It provides a massage therapy experience from the comfort of one’s home.

Not only can it be used with hair scrubs, it can also be used to massage in soap, oil or even hair treatments both in and out of the shower.

Soap & Glory – Scrub Gloves ($8)

scalp scrubs your hair will thank you for

The scrub gloves by Soap & Glory will stimulate the skin and get into all areas of the scalp.

Apart from using it on the scalp, it can also be used all over the body and will make the scrubbing process easier, quicker and cause less mess.

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