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Stephanie Claire Smith, 23 and Laura Henshaw, 24 created an online lifestyle program called Keep It Cleaner, aimed to help young girls maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Best friends, Stephanie Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw created Keep It Cleaner, an online lifestyle program.

Being in the public eye, the two girls have felt the pressure to stay thin and have struggled with low self-esteem. Smith has recently spoken about her battle with binge eating and being “too big” for the modelling industry.

The inspiration behind the program is to help “girls and women feel good about themselves, be confident and learn to practice self-love.”

“We are extremely lucky to have such an influence on young women and we know this is a huge responsibility and so we wanted to create the most positive space we could for young women.”

What is your definition of a “healthy lifestyle”?

“A healthy lifestyle is a combination of moving your body regularly, eating a diet rich in whole foods, getting enough sleep and having positive minds.”

What are your top fitness tips?

  1. Add HIIT training into your training regime. It’s the best for boosting your metabolism. We have tested all of the HIIT workouts in our program and they are all incredible – we can promise you will be covered in sweat every time!
  2. Add some extra greens into your diet. This could be in your morning smoothie or with your main meals.
  3. Avoid processed foods and try and stick to whole foods. Whole foods are foods in their most natural state i.e. fruit, vegetables, nuts, eggs etc.
  4. Stay hydrated. Often our bodies confuse hunger and thirst and so we can over eat when we are thirsty. Make sure you drink enough water every day and drink extra if you are working out.
  5. Write down all your workouts at the start of every week and look at them like meetings or uni classes, which you wouldn’t skip…so don’t skip your workout!

Apart from fitness and healthy recipes, there is also a section focusing on well-being where Stephanie and Laura will share relationship advice, time management techniques, how to have some “me time” and sleep visualizations.

What advice can you give young girls today who are looking to be healthy and fit?

“Workout and eat healthy for YOU. And how good and strong you will feel. Not for how you will look or look like someone on social media.”

Keep It Cleaner launched on September 4. For more information head over to





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