Bed-Shaking Advice from a Real Life Sex Coach

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Georgia Grace is a real life sex coach with answers to some hot topics as well as some bed-shaking advice to spice up your self-pleasure.

Georgia talks to us about her insights as a sex coach in an evolving industry, why self-pleasure is so important, and how a vibrator can assist with this. The We-Vibe Touch X is one of the world’s most versatile multi-purpose vibrators. Doubling as a facial massager, this vibrator blissfully releases body tension wherever you require it.

Tell us about your work?

I am a certified sex coach. Essentially what that means is I work with individuals, couples, and groups to support people in having a more fulfilling relationship with their body or others. 

I work in sessions with people whereby we would cover specific areas or concerns and then when I’m not in a lockdown I would run some weekly events or workshops that will cover a whole range of different areas or topics. 

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Georgia is making headway in a censored industry.

If you could change one thing in your industry what would it be?

*Laughs* That is such a good question! Right now if I could change one thing it would be censorship. The censorship that sexual wellness workers get, whether that be health practitioners, sex workers, brands and products – we are all really heavily censored and it has a huge impact on our businesses and how we can communicate and get the right information to the right people. I would abolish censorship laws that unfairly restrict sexual wellness professionals.

With all the amazing work you’re doing, do you have any insights or revelations that you’ve come to by consulting people on their sex lives?

Yeah I mean constantly! This is such an incredible space to work in, in that we’re in a sexual revolution at the moment and things are really changing. We’re noticing that there is a huge amount of research that’s emerging, answering questions that we’ve had for a really long time.

I guess people are really trying to have a fulfilling relationship with their bodies. When it comes to revelations, things are changing and people are really wanting to have a pleasurable relationship with sex. 

What we’re really seeing is the redefining of sex and what that means for people and I think that goes hand-in-hand with what’s going on at the moment in the pandemic with people either being single and not living with a partner they can have sex with or being separated by distance. That’s why I love and always work with clients because you get to be at the frontline of these discoveries. 

Why is self-pleasure so important?

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I think it’s important for a huge range of reasons, we can look at the scientific impact it has on the body whether that’s stress relief, or increasing all of those feel-good chemicals and hormones.

I also think it’s really important for people building sexual self-confidence or really getting to know their bodies.

How are you supposed to tell someone what you want when it comes to sex if you don’t know yourself? So really taking the time to figure that out.

It can also support you in any shame you may have around sex or pleasure. I think it’s important for everyone to develop a healthy masturbation practice.

And I think it is sometimes hard for women to shake off that shame when it comes to these topics. What would you recommend to anyone scared or hesitant to buy a toy?

The first thing I acknowledge is that it can feel like a really confronting thing to buy your first toy. But know that these are really wonderful pleasurable exciting things that you can add to any sexual experience. That there is really nothing to be ashamed about whether this be for yourself or someone else.

If you are experiencing sexual shame it could be useful to speak to a professional about it, just to get that support that you might need to have a great relationship with your body. But if you’re not ready for that, even following me on Instagram and constantly consuming sex positive information or doing research surrounding yourself with these sex positive ideas can be a really great first step.

Is there such a thing as over-use of sex toys? E.g. becoming reliant

So this is a really common fear – ‘will my vibrator desensitise my genitals?’ or ‘will it make sex not as good?’ This is a sex shame myth, like in the Sex and the City episode where Samantha thought she’d run out of orgasms. It’s not true, you can’t rub away nerve endings. The only thing that I guess people identify is that when they masturbate in a certain type of way, and this relates to anything not just toys, be it porn, or a certain hand, or the same position, your body gets used to that type of stimulus and then expects it. And of course, you’re not going to get that direct stimulus when you’re having sex with another person because there’s a whole lot of new things going on.

If you ever feel that you are so dependent on a certain way of masturbating, the best thing to do is to try new things and mix it up. So maybe that’s you use a different hand or without porn or you commit to 30 days of different types of masturbation so that you can work to rewire any habits or things that you expect when it comes to sex.

I read that the We Vibe Touch X can be used for erogenous zones on our face. I never realised our face had erogenous zones?

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So the face is an erogenous zone and I don’t think people ever do consider this because we often just think of your genitals, or nipples or your butt.

Which are all wonderful parts of the body but the face is incredibly sensitive and there are many aspects of the face that people really enjoy stimulating from. The neck, lips, these are all parts that are really sensitive.

When we’re looking at erogenous zones, it’s really a sensitive part of the body that when provided with stimulation has an arousal or sexual response.

We can even see the nose has erectile tissue in it and when it’s stimulated it can even become engorged or erect.

Our senses play a huge role in arousal and what we see, smell, hear, taste or feel can all be done through areas of the face and I think it’s also really wonderful to spend time stimulating and awakening sensation in the face and that can be done through a toy like the We Vibe Touch X.

First thing that comes to mind when you hear about a toy for your face and down there is any issues with hygiene. What can people do to feel comfortable to use the product for both its functions?

That’s such a great question and with all things it’s vital to incorporate safer sex practices. There are a few things to consider to make sure that you’re washing your toys thoroughly before and after any use. I always say before, it’s really important and it takes 2 seconds. Each toy will have cleaning instructions that come with it, usually a bit of warm water and either toy cleaner or soap is okay but that depends on whether or not it’s waterproof. The We Vibe Touch X is.

Tips and tricks for the product?

This toy could be used for a really great practice of awakening the face experience. I do this a lot with my clients and it can feel like quite a simple practice but it can be really fun. Basically, you would use a product like the We Vibe Touch X to move it across your face and awaken sensation across your face. Maybe it’s exploring, really slowly, different parts of your face around your nose, and see how that feels.

Moving it around your lips, your cheeks, your neck, your ears, and just becoming really curious and slow with how this feels. And if that does feel really great you may bring the toy down your body to reach around your neck, nipples, chest, making it to your stomach, anywhere else and of course your genitals. The We Vibe Touch X is perfect for external, clitoral, or vulva stimulation.

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