Luxe Self-Care Essentials for Lockdown You Can Buy Online Right Now

Struggling during lockdown? From face masks to fragrances, this is your ultimate luxe self-care guide for when times are looking a little dire.

First published in April 2020 and updated now.

As Sydney locks its doors and heads inside, many of us faced with the concept of self-isolation and lockdown, and trying to stay sane while doing so.

In times like this, many are facing anxiety and added stress about not only the pandemic itself, but at the prospect of staying indoors, away from friends and family, for an unprecedented amount of time.

Needless to say, self-care is essential during these periods. From luxe candles and face masks to unwind and relax, to fragrances that will simply make you feel good, Bondi Beauty has put together the ultimate luxe self-care guide to treat yourself during self-isolation.

 These luxe products are all about the splurge and treat-your-self attitude, designed to bring a little warmth, love and luxury back into your life. The best part? They’re all available online, so meeting social distancing requirements isn’t an issue.

A face mask to unwind and relax:

Kora Organics Turmeric Brightening and Exfoliating Mask, RRP$62

The calming aroma of peppermint and turmeric lingers beautifully with this face mask from Miranda Kerr’s KORA Organics, ideal for unwinding and initiating self-care.

KORA Organics face mask 
self-care essentials for self isolation
Pop on, unwind and relax while the mask does it’s magic.

Within minutes of applying, the mask hardens on the skin, working its magic. The superfood ingredient turmeric is the star here, helping to combat clogged pores, sebum build-up and pigmentation.

After washing off, my skin felt exceptionally smooth and tight. Any inflammation and puffiness that I had as a result from stress, was noticeably reduced. Rosehip seeds, quartz and Papaya enzymes also provided a light exfoliation, which was evident instantly while massaging the mask into my skin.

Self-care essentials for self isolation KORA organics turmeric face mask
The turmeric colour doesn’t stain the skin, either.

And the mask’s brown-orange colour from the inclusion of Turmeric? No reason to be afraid – the mask didn’t stain my skin or leave it an unpleasant colour.

A Hydrating Gel to provide moisture and calmness to the skin:

L’Occitane Aqua Thirst-Quenching Gel Moisturiser, RRP $56 AUD.

During periods of self-isolation, it’s important to look after the skin and treat any dryness, irritation or lack of moisture that may arise from a change in routine.

The L’Occitane Aqua Thirst-Quenching Gel Moisturiser is the perfect moisture-packing product for some TLC during self-isolation.

The texture of this moisturiser is what stands out – feeling like wobbly jelly, this applies smooth and luxurious on the skin.

Self-care essentials for self isolation L'Occitane Moisturizer
With a cooling gel texture, this moisturizer packs a punch of hydration, and relaxation.

The cooling gel instantly melts away, and you can almost automatically feel the hydration entering your skin. The little bubbles within the mixture, floating as if frozen in water, pop refreshing hyaluronic acid directly into the skin, which holds 1000 times its weight in water.

With an aquatic fragrance, this was highly refreshing to apply, and my skin felt moisturized and renewed, even hours after applying. This continuing hydration is due to the high calcium content, which helps the skin sustain its hydration barrier. 

A candle to de-stress and calm energy:

Lumira Arabian Oud, RRP $70 AUD

Dispel negative energy and bring warmth back into your zone with the Arabian Oud candle from luxury brand Lumira.

Inspired by travels in the Middle East, Lumira presents a deeply floral and rose core aroma intermixed with subtle notes of smokiness. Deepened by patchouli and sandalwood, this is a classic scent that isn’t overpowering; instead unique and sophisticated.

Self-care essentials for self isolation Lumira luxury candle
Bring the aroma of the exotic Middle East to your household with this luxe self-care essential.

The base notes of oud, a highly valuable wood from the Middle East that produces an oil worth 1.5 times the value of gold, provides a woody but sweet undertone.

With an 80 hour burn time, this candle is one that can be reused all quarantine period long, bringing the warmth of exotic travel back into self-isolation.

Tea to read and relax with:

Stone & Grove Detox Olive Leaf Tea, RRP$ 11.95 AUD

Self-isolation can be a time for contemplation and relaxing, with no better way than sipping a quality tea to mull way your thoughts. 

A detox tea is a great way to reset and recharge the system, and this olive leaf option from Australian brand Stone & Grove is deliciously warming and refreshing.

With herbal notes and citrus undertones, this tea contains antioxidants such as nettle, St. Mary’s thistle and calendula, which help to cleanse and purify. It can also be enjoyed hot or cold for an added change.

Self-care essentials for self isolation Stone&Grove
This luxe Detox tea from Stone&Grove can be served hot or cold.

Stone & Grove use olive leaf in all of their teas, which is great for prepping the body and boosting the immune system in times such as this.

Olive leaf has been used medicinally since Ancient Egyptian times for its natural and potent antioxidants, Oleuropein and Hydroxytyrosol, known for anti-free radical effects to help stop oxidative damage in the body. 

A fragrance to bring the allure of outside, indoors:

Jo Malone Vetiver and Golden Vanilla Cologne Intense for Women and Men RRP: $175 50ml

For BB founder Renae, a new perfume is ideal in this day and time of self-isolation.

“Fragrance is one of the greatest forms of heathy escapism to take you on a journey wherever you allow your mind to wander. Fragrance can evoke strong emotional reactions and even visualisations. Our fragrance receptors are connected to the limbic system in our bodies which is thought to be the most primitive part of the brain and the centre of our emotions. So this is the best way to relax and escape your current reality.

In this way, there is nothing better than wearing a luxurious, sensual European fragrance to indulge yourself. And wearing Jo Malone during self isolation means you are indulging only yourself, which is such a great gift to yourself and a beautiful, clear action of self-love.

Self-care essentials for self isolation  Jo Malone
A luxe true indulgence is pivotal during periods of self-isolation

This stunning, sensual, new, unisex Jo Malone fragrance heralds a new era in fragrances for the brand, as it is a very different oriental, woody blend to any of their other fragrances.

It is a unique blend of warm, Golden Vanilla and Vetiver, as well as spicy cardamon, grapefruit and tea.

The two main ingredients are from Madagascar, making them very strong, clean and unique. Golden vanilla bourbon is sweet and succulent, and the vetiver is fresh, making it a wild blend of fresh and creamy, yet still rich. It has a hint of the exotic.

The scent is strong and just a touch smoky when it goes on, but I hardly notice it during the day, it is not intrusive. Every now and again I get a gentle burst of it from when I sprayed it on in the morning.” – BB Founder Renae

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