Hospital Essentials You Need For A Fast Recovery.



Having the right beauty and health products with you in hospital can be the difference between a calm or chaotic stay.

This is not something any of us want to think about – until it happens, and then we can end up in a panic trying to pack a bag, not knowing what we do and don’t need for a hospital stay.

This simple hospital survival guide will get you or someone you love (and are packing a bag for) through a hospital stay looking and feeling as good as you or they can.

Tan Up: My first hospital hack is to wear self-tan. Obviously if you are being operated on, you do not apply it to that area of the body, but self-tan will make you feel better about yourself when you eventually look at yourself in the mirror after a procedure or treatment.

Nail It: Have a manicure and pedicure before you go in if your doctor allows it. Again, this is all about you, so that when you look at your hands or feet, they look their best. Feminine or neutral colours are the best choices.

Bedwear: Buy new bedwear. Again, this will make you feel good, and lift your spirits. You will have to wear the hospital gowns for a time, but having fresh, new pyjamas to change into – especially with your tan will make you feel as fab as you can whilst recovering in hospital.

Music: Music is one of the most important elements of your hospital stay, as it can help you stay calm and feel relaxed. Plenty of studies claim music can even make you heal faster. ABC 2 was my pick during a recent stay, and I had it on 24/7. Consider taking your own speaker in with you so you can be sure you can play it.

Meditations: There are so many healing and calming meditations you can play during your stay too. Just search You Tube for these, all of which are free. Again there is science based evidence the mind can heal the body, so why wouldn’t you do this?

Beauty Bag: This list of beauty essentials is useful if you are packing a hospital bag for someone else or your own. Wherever possible, pack premium, luxury products, as in hospital, it’s a time you want to feel pampered.

Positive Affirmations: These cannot be underestimated, and you can consume them in any way you can. I’m currently into the mood sprays from Passion Harvest; gorgeous fragranced body and room sprays with positive affirmations you read out whilst spraying fragrance over yourself (or in the air) daily.

Dry shampoo; This is a daily essential, as often you are unable to wash your hair until departure day. Pack one that has a neutral or subtle fragrance.

Spray leave-in conditioner; Kristen Ess has a fantastic leave in conditioner that smells fresh, and conditions the end of the hair when  you are unable to wash it for a time.

Facial mist; Jurlique or Ella Bache have natural, fresh face sprays that are great when you are unable to get out of bed to freshen your skin and lift your mood.

Cleanser: Wipes are fantastic not only for wiping the face, but to freshen up at any time. As for cleansers, once you are out and about, gel is best if possible, such as Skinstitut gentle cleanser, which cleanses and softens your skin.

Renae used Passion Harvest spray during a recent hospital stay for there gorgeous fragrance and positive affirmations.
Renae used Passion Harvest spray during a recent hospital stay for there gorgeous fragrance and positive affirmations.

Hair Brush and elastics: Pack your best hair brush and elastics.

Hair Dryer: The hair dryers in hospital are generally not great, and being able to dry your hair quickly and easily before departure can make you feel stronger, healthier and better.

Deoderant: Roll on is preferable as it is less intrusive.

Daily Moisturiser: Oil -free if possible as you can accumulate oil on your face when not showering daily after surgery. My favourite is La Mer’s Moisturising Matte Lotion RRP: $385.00.

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm RRP: $65.00: This is the best product to wear when not wearing make-up. It moisturises and smoothes, and can be worn thicker at night as a mask if you need.

Beauty products for a hospital stay
Jurlique Face Mist, Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream, and Kristen Ess Spray Conditioner were in Renae’s Beauty Bag in Hospital recently.

Eye cream: The best one you own.

Elizabeth Arden Original Eight hour Cream RRP: $28.00: You can get dry lips, nose, nails, as well as bruises from needles, and Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream can Help. 

Fragrance: Your favourite or the best one you have.

Body Moisturiser: This doesn’t have to be luxe, but is better if it has a stable PH cream like Sebamed, as itchy skin is common during hospital stays.

Dry Hand Cream: Again, hands can get super dry in hospital, so a hand cream can be a life saver.

Supplements:  I am personally a collagen fan right now, but vitamins can help recovery – just check with your doctor to ensure it is safe to take them in combination with your recovery drugs.

Metamucil:  A lot of drugs can block you up, so metamucil is a life saver. Mandatory for almost all hospital stays.

Shower Sheets: I use the ones from Yuni RRP$19.95 for 9. These are moist body wipes you can use in place of showering (also great for travel). They are biodegradable and freshen you up in seconds with a fresh deoderising fragrance.

I also packed a photo of my children in a frame, as it was nice to see their smiling faces up close during recovery as I was not allowed visitors due to covid.

Concealer for Under Eye Luxe to Less

This is possibly the most important item in every woman’s beauty bag over the age of 25.

Yves Saint Laurent Touch Eclat is the old school classic that works on all levels- it doesn’t dry out, is the perfect colour and texture, and is as luxe as it gets in its elegant gold tube.

And it is still one of the most popular and  highest selling concealers globally at  RRP $55.00

Morphe fluidity full coverage concealer is one of the most luxe and classic concealers.
YSL Touch Eclat is one of the most luxe and classic concealers.

Morphe fluidity full coverage concealer is one of those most-haves at the bottom of your Chanel handbag for a late night out. It really can save your night, and for $15, who can say no? Comes in 31 shades, and pick a tone 2 shades lighter than your skin tone for maximum effect.

Morphe fluidity full coverage concealer is a steal.
Morphe fluidity full coverage concealer is a steal at just $15.00

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