Forget Bondi. Is it time to move to Lidcombe to find love?

So we ARE having a laugh, with 6 reasons why Lidcombe might be the land of love:

Sydney’s Lidcombe became the land of love last weekend. ‘The question has to be asked – Are we losing our touch in the East? When was the last time something like this happened near Bondi?’

My single friends date a lot, but I don’t know any who have met a 29 year old in the East who could afford four helicopters, a jet, a sea plane and a motorcade of luxury sports cars and motorcycles for an extravagant wedding ceremony.

Following the extravagant five star nuptials of Salim Mehajer and his wife Aysha over the weekend, there are some eastern suburbs girls raising eyebrows and asking lot of serious questions about their dating habits.

1) A man with a plan

To quote dating guru John Gray of dating books Mars And Venus fame, this was “a man with a plan” who implemented it, and as Gray says, what woman doesn’t like a man with a plan, let alone an extravagant one?

No wonder the press are calling it “the wedding of the century”. There were drummers accompanying the couple walking in, diamond encrusted bow ties and crowns, a pre-wedding video, and an ocean front honeymoon night in McMahon’s Point, and that’s not the half of it.

2) This man has connections

This guy has serious pull, and some pretty amazing organisational skills.

Prior to the big day, residents in Lidcombe were reportedly warned not to leave their cars on the street or risk having them towed – that didn’t even happen for the 90,000 people who ran the Sydney Morning Herald’s City To Surf last week!  Mehajer closed an entire street for his wedding!

The question has to be asked – Are we losing our touch in the East? When was the last time something like this happened near Bondi?

3) Property in Lidcombe is cheaper then Bondi:

So what would life look like in Lidcombe? The property prices are a damn side cheaper for a start, with a two bedroom unit in Childs Street at $480,000 complete with a carpark, now that’s a lot of loose change for a new wardrobe, let alone a balayage and nails.

If you know the right people ( e.g. the deputy mayor), you may even be able to build a second storey on your home without even asking.

4) There’s fun to be had in Lidcombe:

Olympics Park is close, so all of those fabulous concerts and sporting events would be a short drive away, saving on time in the trains from Bondi. And those DFO seconds shops would come in very handy for new outfits for hot dates.

5) You could meet a guy in the gym:

There’s gyms including a Bondi Beauty favourite Fitness First, so there’s no issue staying fit and looking good.

6) In Lidcombe, even a walk down the street is a chance to find love:

Oh, and how to meet a Lidcombe guy? According to the AMAZING pre-wedding video, just keep your eyes down and look up the minute you run into someone. if you don’t believe us, watch this now: Click here 

7) Eating out costs less than Bondi

There’s noodle restaurants, Lebanese, and a selection of Indian on offer, and plenty of choices at very reasonable prices.

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