Where to go on a date in Bondi: According to your Star Sign (Scorpio)



This Month: Scorpio October 23rd – November 21stScorpio’s are incredibly passionate and physically active people, they are also daring and love to try things that are new and exciting.

Dates with a Scorpio girl or a Scorpio guy have to appeal to their passionate and daring side, a fancy cocktail at a bar just isn’t going to cut it for a Scorpio.

Check out these Bondi date ideas that will surely impress your Scorpio date.

Let’s Go Surfing – Bondi

Let’s Go Surfing – Bondi

Scorpios are arguably the bravest in the zodiac and have no trouble stepping out of their comfort zone. Organising Let’s Go Surfing lessons at Bondi Beach is the perfect date for the daring Scorpio. They will dive in head first and will be determined to stand on the board by the end. Dates like these are left of field and always unexpected, which will do nothing but impress your Scorpio lover.

128 Ramsgate Ave, Bondi Beach NSW 2026

Yoga by the Sea

Image of yoga students at Bondi Iebergs

Yoga By the Sea

Scorpios enjoy physical challenges and anything outside of the box and Yoga by the Sea is not just a beautiful way to start your morning, but an inventive date tailored for the Scorpio. This is a date idea for more established couples, unless you’re feeling brave to try something new on the second or third date. Yoga by the Sea is $20 dollars ($25 in summer) this does not include the $7 club entry fee into Bondi Icebergs Club. Free mats are also provided. Start your morning saluting the sun with your partner and if you’re lucky you may spot a whale!

1 Notts Avenue 2026

Next Month: Sagittarius November 22nd – December 21stPoint Piper Kayak Centre

Image kayaks on beach in Bondi

Point Piper Kayak Centre

Sagittarius are curious and energetic and are the biggest travellers in the zodiac. They love being outdoors, are curious and have a great sense of humour. Point Piper Kayak Centre is only a 15-minute walk from Bondi and you can hire Kayaks as well as stand up paddle boards by the hour. As you explore the harbour the Sagittarius’s curiosity will be peaked as they’ll want to keep adventuring. Stand up paddle boarding is also A LOT of fun and guarantee you some laughs.

Cnr New South Head Rd & Wunulla Rd Point Piper 2029

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