Why you may not need to cut split ends just yet



French make-up and skincare company Loreal have introduced Pro-Fibre the first hair repair system, that works.


Evan Green shows off the benefits of Pro Fibre

Fifteen years of research have resulted in 15 patents for Pro Fibre (which uses  US spelling) which promises to repair hair, particularly damaged hair and provide support to the hair structure so it thickens and doesn’t need trimming.

If you have damaged, dry hair or split ends, this product is for you. It is more than a conditioner, rather a series of in-salon, and at-home treatments combined that seem to mend, strengthen and protect hair.

The anti-damage extension treatment starts in your salon with a short 5 minute conditioning treatment on the spot. This has the instant effect of making hair look like it has just been cut. Hair looks visibly thicker and healthier, and feels stronger – and the treatment works from root to tip.

At home care is part of the treatment to ensure it lasts.  Daily shampoo and conditioner as well as rectify serum help keep hair super strong every time you wash, and an additional treatment every 4 washes (re-charge monodoses) in your shower tops up the in-salon treatment you have already had.

BB Road Test from Renae: All sounded a touch complicated on paper, but in reality, it’s a simple, hassle-free treatment that really works. I am in and out of salt and chlorinated water 3 times a week, and my hair is in pretty bad shape. This treatment helped to strengthen my hair, and meant I didn’t have to cut it as often.

My hair looks thicker, feels stronger, and is significantly different.

L'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL Pro Fiber family lr 2

Loreal’s Pro-Fiber Range.


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