4 Reasons You Need To Switch To Brown Eyeliner

brown eyeliner

Brown eyeliner has become popular thanks to viral TikTok videos, for its softer and more natural look to enhance the eyes.

Here’s 3 reasons to switch to brown eyeliner.

Black eyeliner has inevitably been the default option for both liquid and pencil eyeliners, but brown eyeliner has been on the rise for a more everyday look.

When opting to switch up your routine or looking for a softer option to enhance the eyes, brown eyeliner is the perfect way to change up the eye look without ‘overdoing it’. And if you’re trying to decide which eye products will suit you best, as well as the best way to apply brown eyeliner, check out this guide from BeautyMag.


Reply to @httpenhx tutorial on my everyday soft brown eyeliner 🤎 i use a mixture of liquid liner, pencil, & shadow to get the blurred effect!

♬ mayonaka no joke by takako mamiya – jd

Here’s 4 reasons to switch from a classic black eyeliner, to a rich brown one.

1. Lengthens The Appearance of Eyelashes

Black eyeliner can sometimes overshine mascara, making the lashes look a little lost.

Brown eyeliner, on the other hand, can make the lashes look longer, while still giving definition to the eyes.

2. Makes The Eye Pop

Using a brown eyeliner will soften the look of eyeliner around the eyes, creating a softer look to make the eye pop more. 

3. Matches Every Eye Colour and Skin Tones

Brown eyeliner is versatile and will match every eye colour, so it is a great option for everybody.

It is also a great option as brown is more universal, since colourfully it naturally lies on skin tones.

4. Can be used daily, or for a bold look

Whilst brown eyeliner is versatile and natural looking, it can still be built up for a bold, dramatic eye look-similar to black eyeliner.

Whether it’s a thicker, more dramatic brown cat eye, or a smudged and smoked out wing, brown eyeliner can still be bold for a sexy eye look.

Bondi Beauty’s Top Brown Eyeliner Picks

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