Face Masks To Pair With Your Favourite Netflix Shows

Friends characters with facemasks

If you are stuck at home at the moment you may find yourself with a lot of free time to catch up on your favourite Netflix series.

Why not add in some extra self-care during your couch marathon by putting on a face mask to match the show.

Spascriptions Australia Super Star Glitter Mask + Stranger Things

Stranger Things Poster
Stranger Things + Spascriptions Australia Super Star Glitter Mask

The Super Star Glitter Mask (RRP $18.99) is a charcoal peel-off mask designed to remove blackheads, grime, fine hairs and cleanse the skin too. The black charcoal is infused with glitter particles to give you an ‘out of this world’ skincare experience.

This intergalactic mask pairs perfectly with the Netflix Original Series, Stranger Things. The show explores a group of young friends who uncover a series of secret government exploits and supernatural forces.

As you sit there with a glittery black face, you’ll feel like one of the aliens the kids uncover in the show. HINT: This mask works best when applied to the T-Zone area as this is where it dries the fastest and skin has the most congestion.

While this mask can be a bit fiddly to apply and takes a long time to dry it does a great job at removing blackheads and fine hairs on the skin. We recommend using a glycolic serum after the mask to ensure no dirt is left in your pores, and it also helps close them off after removing all the grime.

Palmer’s Coconut Water Hydrating Sheet Mask + Sex Education

Sex Education Poster
Palmer’s Coconut Water Hydrating Sheet Mask + Sex Education

With a show as multifaceted as this, which explores sex, relationships and adolescence you need a mask that will stick with you whether you’re laughing, crying or cringing.

Watching Sex Education, will undoubtedly bring back to your teenage years as the main character Otis navigates puberty and highschool, so there is no better brand to pair this show with than trusty Palmers.

Try Palmer’s Coconut Water Hydrating Sheet Mask (RRP $4.99). Not only is the sheet mask application convenient and less messy than a potted mask but the cotton sheet allows the active ingredients to penetrate the skin more deeply.

This means that the serum from the mask can fully absorb rather than just evaporate from the surface, leaving the skin feeling hydrated and dewy.

Filled with ingredients like coconut oil & water, the mask will deliver an intense instant hydration boost, rehydrate depleted skin & lock in moisture.

For an extra kick, they’ve also added Hyaluronic Acid to replenish and revitalise dull looking skin, and Chamomile Extract to soothe redness and irritation which is very necessary after a good sob session with Otis from Sex Education.

Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask + The Notebook

The Notebook Gif
Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask + The Notebook

Some nights all you need is a good chick flick and some self-care. When that happens, you can’t go past the ultimate romantic film, ‘The Notebook’ to give you all the warm and fuzzies. Pair that feeling with The Alya Skin pink clay mask (RRP $49.99) and you’re all set for the perfect girly, pamper night.

The mask itself is perfect for detoxifying and brightening skin. Kaolin clay, which is the main ingredient in this mask, helps extract pollutants and toxins from skin, while also reducing pigmentation and inflammation.

Smooth to the touch and easy to apply, the mask is also designed for those with sensitive skin, and no harsh fragrances or chemicals have been included.

Apply to the T-zone section of the face and leave for 10 minutes or until mask has hardened. Rinse off, then continue the spa treatments with the Alya Skin Australian Native Berries Moisturiser.

Lady Luxe Beauty Brightening Sheet Mask + Cheer

Lady Luxe Beauty Brightening Sheet Mask + Cheer

As hardworking women, it is important to use skincare that works as hard as we do. Pair that with Cheer, a show about some of the most hard-working people in America, and you’re in for an inspirational evening.

As you sit and watch people bend over backwards and jump hurdles, it’s nice to know that your mask is doing the same thing for your skin. The Lady Luxe Beauty Brightening Mask (RRP $22.00) has a dual action formula that brightens and hydrates the skin leaving it more radiant and plumper.

Founder of Lady Luxe Beauty, Jess Nash, says, “lactic acid and apple extracts gently assist in brightening and smoothing the skin, while Vitamin C and amino acids help to reverse sun damage that causes uneven pigmentation upon the complexion”.

She recommends leaving the mask in the fridge before you use it so that it’s nice and cold when applied. With all the natural, active ingredients in this mask you can be sure that Jerry from Cheer would be singing its praises in the style of his infamous mat talk. 

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