7 Products to Help Skin Recover from Winter

Natural skin for Spring

Show off your best skin this Spring with these seven products which help to renew and restore a natural glow after Winter.

When the sun begins to beam its warm rays after Winter, now is the time to start boosting natural hydration in the skin to help protect it from from the harmful UV rays and to help restore glowing after being hidden from the cold.

Naturally Serious Supercharge Antioxidant Moisture Serum

Naturally Serious is a new certified and clinically tested skin care brand by the founder of June Jacobs and is available at all Sephora stores across Australia for RRP $56. They are the first of their kind, being the only clinically proven natural and organic product available.

If you’re looking for a serum to reduce the signs of ageing, whilst boosting hydration and make skin glow all day, this serum will do just that. Infused with caffeine making it a power antioxidant serum for the face, skin will naturally glow and feel refreshed throughout the day. This is a cream-based serum (which smells delicious) and dries fast for easy wearing.

Designer brand Gold Elixir priming lotion

Va va voom, it’s true what they say, pure gold really isn’t the ultimate in anti-ageing skincare. This serum will firm skin, boost radiance and fight signs of ageing, making skin looking younger.

Available at most pharmacy stores across Australia at a RRP $20 this serum is so affordable it will have you question whether the flakes of gold are real. Well, they are and this serum works. It dries instantly making it easy to wear with any other product and especially foundation.

Nu Skin Moisture Restore Intense Moisturiser

When Spring kicks in, the parties start and so do the late nights as the days get longer and the winter sun begins to move higher into the sky to warm up the earth. Well in Australia that’s true.

Skin stressors like late nights, increased UV rays, pollution and dehydration can lead to skin ageing fast. This moisturiser by Nu Skin is rich and soft and help to restore skin to it’s natural and youthful look. It retails for around RRP $76.50 and is to be used at night only, as it works to restore skin whilst you sleep, revealing fresh new skin in the morning.

Bondi Chic Four Seasons Rejuven8 face cream

Soon to be vegan, this fabulous skincare brand creates affordable luxury. And the results are incredible. Using only the best ingredients which are all ethically sourced and as natural as they can be for a beauty product, skin will feel a million dollars after using for only a few days.

The Rejuven8 face cream, made with caviar, Kakadu Plum, Ginseng, Hyaluronic Acid for hydration and varying other natural skin replenishing ingredients, this cream can be easily worn with any other product, including foundation and will restore skin to it;s natural youthful look in no time. RRP $85

Kiehl's calendula herbal extract toner

Don’t be deceived by the icky looking bits sitting at the bottom of this toner bottle, as those bits when mixed with the rest of the toner will have you skin looking at its best.

Kiehl’s have long been known for creating revolutionary skincare product from herbal and natural ingredients, which work to help skin restore its own natural glow and health. The bits sitting down the bottom, are hand-harvested Calendula petals which work together with Great Burdock Root, to gently cleanse the skin of dirt, oil and impurities whilst calming and healing complexion. RRP $55

Body Plus Skin Oil from Africa

Let’s not forget the body needs a little TLC after the harsh coldness of the Winter months also.

BodyPlus have created a stunning body oil enriched with Vitamin E Oil and Bio-Pharm Oil to help nourish and moisturise skin, keeping it healthy and well nourished. Selling at RRP $15 at all Chemist Warehouse locations across Australia, this oil is best used at night right after showing, to allow the oil to soak deep into the pores whilst you’re sleeping. The oil incorporates Ceramide NG which is a waxy lipid found naturally in the skins outer layers, so this serum will work to capture and bind moisture for softer, smoother skin.

Rapid Lash eyelash enhancing serum

Lashes deal with a lot of stress daily. From being coated with mascara every day, to enduring the brunt of Winter’s icy last in the colder months. They too need a little protection and in some cases may need some assistance to restore back to their natural look.

Rapid Lash have created a product will have lashes back to their best self in under four weeks. Selling for a RRP $69 at all Priceline stores around Australia, this serum is an investment worth spending money on. It’s easy to apply and the fluid isn’t heavy or thick and should only be worn right before bed when all makeup has been removed from and around the eye area. Lashes will noticeably look healthier, thicker and longer within four weeks of using this product.

Rebecca Wilkinson

Beauty Editor

Rebecca is a freelance content creator and beauty editor for Bondi Beauty. She is a pescatarian, who may yet become vegan. She loves all things beauty, health & travel, has a weakness for coffee and is obsessed with cats and yoga. If she's not answering her mobile - it's probably because she's trying out the latest beauty trend, like massaging crushed pearls into her skin for the ultimate collagen and vitamin boost to skin cells.

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