Stop Popping Those Spots and Do This Instead

how to safely remove spots for clear and healthy skin

Popping those spots can lead to multiple problems. This is how you get rid of those annoying blemishes without damaging the skin.

We answer two questions from our readers on why you should stop popping those spots and and the best way to treat uneven skintone.

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Dear Bondi Beauty,
Is it bad to pop my spots? I’ve heard it can scar the skin, however, I also want to get rid of them fast so they will heal quicker- what do I do?
Bec, Ryde

Whilst it’s not ideal to pop those spots, we can all admit to wanting tto do it (and having done it) so they get off our face faster. However, popping spots on the face (or anywhere on the body, can lead to a range of issues, such as scaring or even skin infections.

The best way to get rid of spots fast is to use a specialised spot treatment. There are a few different types of products such as a drying spot treatment, which when you apply to a spots, will dry it out and create a barrier over them to protect from further infection. These types of treatments are best recommended for oily skin tyoes.

If you’re looking for something to use in the day time to not only heal the pimple but also prevent you from touching it, try spot patches like Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch. These provide a barrier over any breakouts, which means that you can put makeup over the top after applying, without having to worry if you are making the problem worse. 

Dear Bondi Beauty,
I have really uneven skin tone. Do I need to see a skin specialist, or are there some products I can use at home to help me balance out the tone?
Katie, Wollongong

Having uneven skin tone is an issue a lot of people have to deal with, especially here in Australia, as a result of the harash climate we live in.

Uneven skin tone, clinically known as Hyperpigmentation, can be caused by sun damage or acne scarring and is often treatable at home when using the right products.

However, it is very important to always wear SPF especially, if you do suffer from hyperpigmentation.

Topical treatments such as retinol increase skin cell turn over, meaning your hyperpigmentation will start to fade quicker. Skinstitut Retinol is perfect for anyone who hasn’t used retinol before, as it’s not too harsh on the skin. Remember, if using retinol you must wear sunscreen every day as it does make skin more sentitive to the light, especially to UV.

Another helpful product is vitamin C which slows down the production of melanin in the skin, meaning your hyperpigmentation will begin to lighten and fade. Alpha-H Vitamin C is highly concentrated which is perfect for those with hyperpigmentation. 

Our Fave Beauty Product of the Week:

ESK Skincare Reverse C Serum RRP $95 and Ultimate A+ RRP $115

These two products have been my go to for at least month now, and the considerable differences my overall skin health has been amazing. I’ve watched it transition from a semi-dry and uneven skin tone, to a soft and supple appearance, with a significance change in colour and tone.

The Reverse C Serum for your AM skincare routine is a powerful anti-oxidant serum which hydrates and helps repair visible signs of ageing

The perfect formulation of anti-oxidant vitamin C and vitamin E work to repair and prevent the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and skin roughness.

For PM, the Ultimate A+ is one of the strongest anti-ageing retinal products around, and yet the least irritating for skin.

Vitamin A promotes collagen growth and increases skin elasticity, in combination with hydroxy acids which help to clear acne effectively and without irritation. This product also contains vitamin B3 which works to improve the skin’s barrier function and promote an even skin tone, reducing sun spots and uneven pigmentation.

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