Beauty Secrets of Ancient Greece



What are the natural beauty secrets of ancient Greece?

Did you know the women of ancient Greece wore different hairstyles to represent their marital status?

Married women would wear their hair tied up in a bun and then accessorise it with flowers or jewels. And single women would curl their hair and let it flow freely in order to attract men.

Whatever their beauty secret may be, there is a reason why beautiful Greek women are often called Greek goddesses.

Even today, many of these ancient methods are still used amongst Greek women today.

Here are 4 ancient Greek beauty secrets, and they’re all natural:


The ancient Greeks worshipped olives for their numerous health benefits to the body, skin and hair. The oil was often applied all over the skin to protect against sun damage, which also forms a barrier for the skin, preventing pores from getting blocked with dirt. Even the leaves played a part in ancient beauty routines. The leaves were crushed to make a facial paste or mask for skin, which helped young women relieve their skin from spots or acne.

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Unlike today’s trend of golden tanned skin and sun kissed faces, pale skin and rosy cheeks was the preferred look for ancient greek women. To obtain this look, honey was mixed with olive oil and applied to their skin. This was due to the bleaching and anti-bacterial properties honey had. This mixture was also used as a body wash and facial mask or cleanser, which helped women maintain a fairer complexion and also kept their skin acne free and clean.

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Used to lighten the hair, the women of ancient Greece applied lemon juice to their hair before taking a stroll through the garden in the sun. The sun’s rays would active natural bleaching properties of the lemon juice in the hair would then lighten their locks. The nutrients from the lemon juice would also add extra shine and protection for the hair, leaving it strong and healthy. Vinegar was also used in the hair, as it too lightened and strengthened hair.

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Mixed Herbs:

Like the Romans, the Greeks loved bathing in salt rich mineral baths, especially the women. Leaves from different plants, both floral and herbal, would be picked and dried before being added to their baths. The herbs and salt in the warm water was incredibly nutritional for the skin like camomile, which was used to help calm the skin. Red clover was often used for skin irritations and cinnamon was often added, as it would make your skin glow.

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