Sara Leonardi-McGrath tells Bondi Beauty how to be fit and fabulous.

Sara Leonardi- McGrath chats to Bondi Beauty about life, love, fitness and her gorgeous hair.

Sara Leonardi McGrath after her Suigo hair spa treatment in Bondi.

It’s unorthodox to have your hair done together for a story, but Sara McGrath is the face of new Japanese natural range of hair products, Suigo, and she wanted me to road-test the hair spa treatment with her at Hair Culture, Bondi whilst we chatted.

Talking Suigo hair products with Sara.

When you meet high profile people, you never know what they’re going to be like. In the case of Sara Leonardi- McGrath, she is far more insightful, intelligent, warm and delightful than many of the articles I’ve read have expressed. It’s hard to imagine what her life journey has been like, falling in love with cricketer Glenn McGrath, taking on the role of step-mother to his two children and subsequently moving country from the US  to Sydney, and re-inventing her whole life – all under media scrutiny and public judgement every step of the way. But she takes it all in her stride, and is one of the most positive people I’ve met. “My approach has always been the door to life is open, just don’t stand in the door way and block my view,” she laughs with an American twang. “I manifest my life and look forwards,” she says, and she doesn’t seem to stop. Next month she heads to China to walk  the great wall of China to raise money with inspirational burns survivor Turia Pitt to raise money for Interplast, a charity that provides free reconstructive surgery to people in developing countries. “Sometimes in life you have to meet someone in such a different predicament to yourself to realise how lucky you are,” she reflects. “Turia is an amazing person, with such a positive outlook on life, I had to jump on the bandwagon.” Subsequently Sara is at the gym daily and preparing for a gruelling walk in China. “I go to the gym every day and focus on lunges,” she says. “I don’t want to be the one behind!.” Sara opened an Art Gallery in Sydney’s Chippendale, Mclemio in 2012 selling the works of international artists. As well as being a regular on the speaking circuit as an inspirational woman, after trialing a sample of haircare range Suigo, she has become the face of the brand. “I don’t put my name to products lightly, but Suigo makes such an amazing difference to my hair. I have children and live a busy life, there never seems to be enough time. Suigo gives my hair a softness and shine I haven’t seen before, and the salon treatments are amazing.” She has been living in Australia four years and says she loves it here. “There is a great appreciation of health in this country. Sydney is a fantastic city, the food is great, even if it is a bit expensive! It is a magnificent place to raise a family and there’s a lot to do. I love the beach, and the fact it is multicultural. I find Australians quite accepting. You can donate to Sara’s fundraising camping at:

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