9 Hot New Summer Nail Colours to Shop Right Now



Summer is the perfect time to show off beautifully manicured nails, which can really brighten up your day.

Gone are the days where summer was all about showing off a nice set of natural looking nude nails. 2017 is all about showing off bright bold colours, tropical shades of blue and soft metallic shades.

Luckily for us, with each new season comes fresh new nail shades.

And, as much as we love all the trending nail art inspirations, there’s nothing like a simple fresh lick of colour on your nails.

From watermelon reds to tropical blues, we’ve tracked down some of the hottest nail colours available now for summer.

So, whether you’re into coral shades, tropical tones or glittery purples, you’re sure to find your perfect shade of summer here.

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