Hot New Nail Trends for Spring

With Spring around the corner, it’s time to start rocking some hot new nail trends.

If your nails are in desperate need of some TLS after winter, Dr. Dana have released a clinically proven nail care system which will restore the health of your nails, instantly.

Founded and created by American Dermatologist Dr Dana who specialises in nail health, this revolutionary three step nail care system is easy to use, the perfect size for travel and you will see instant results when using the treatment system on your nails.

The process is easy to follow and you only need to do it once a week to improve nail health. Step one is a Glycolic Prep for the Nails, which provides a deep exfoliation and step two is a Perfect Grit Priming Wand which gently primes the nails and removes any damaged surface nail cells.

The final step to nail recovery after winter is the application of their Deep Hydrating Formula, which is a innovative gel-oil formulated with natural ingredients to help nails be healthier, shinier and stronger.This innovative-gel has no nasty ingredients (or smells) so can be taken on a plane or train, for long trips too.

The kit costs $61 and you can get at least 3-4 weeks out of one kit.

Now that you’ve spent some quality time repairing any nail damage, you’re ready to start rocking these hot new nail trends.


Founded and developed by 23-year old Sydney-based graphic designer Alice Ho, who grew up obsessed with nail polish, nail art and painting nails with the most modern nail trends, Personail is a revolutionary new way to have stunning nails in minutes.

Unlike Nail Art Stickers; which are often made from thick sticky paper and hardly ever stay on your nails, Personail nail wraps are made from nail polish. So, not only are they light-weight on the nail, they easily wrap around any type of nail bed helping you achieve beautiful decorated nails in minutes.

The formulation of the wrap is so light they can even be layered on top of any existing nail polish already on the nails, for a quick fix when you don’t have time to redo your nails. They are completely water proof and can even be layered on top of any other Personail wrap already on the nail to create a modern textured look of colours and prints.

These fabulous nail wraps are perfect for emergency shooshing when transitioning from work to dinner and drinks. Excellent for travelling, as you don’t need to carry bottles of nail polish around with you. And perfect for busy women who don’t have time to hit the nail salon, or waiting for nails to dry.

You can easily get at least seven days wear out of these wraps before the tips start to wear, so do apply a top coat of clear polish over the wraps to lock them into place even more. Personail have their own 100% vegan and cruelty-free top coat, which is five free from any harsh chemicals and dries and 15 seconds. However, you can use any brand clear top coat.

BB Writer Rebecca sat down with founder Alice Ho and was given the amazing opportunity to trial out the nail polish wraps.

Image c/- Personail (@itspersonail).

Click here to check out the range by Personail. Prices start from RRP $15.99 a pack

Colour by TBN:

Now 100% certified as vegan and cruelty-free, Colour by TBN Nail Polish have released some HOT new colours for spring. This nail polish is a creamy French formula which highly pigmented in colour and strong on nails.

The BB team were able to get seven full days (with a top coat) using these nail polishes and not one chip, fade or worn tips could be seen. We are super excited about the wild new colours TBN have released, which ranged from watery green and blues like their Mighty Mint, to their bold orange shades like Desperately Seeking Susan and Parfait.

Click here to see their full colour range and where to purchase.

Image c/- Marisa Robinson Beauty (Cruelty-free beauty Blogger @marisarobinsonbeauty).

Mavala Switzerland:

Inspired by Blush colours like deep pinks and soft peach, Mavala have released a new Mini Colour range of polishes which are now free from eight harsh chemicals like Formaldehyde, Paraben and Nikel and are completely cruelty-free too.

These minis have been designed with the idea that you can change your look at any time and regularly, without leaving half empty large bottles of nail polish lying around after a trend has faded from the season. So, you can swap your look in one season with one bottle and move onto the next.

Starting from a price of $8.50 they are affordable enough for you to collect a stunning range of colours to get through the year. The formula is strong wearing and with a top coat you can get a good seven days wear from this product. And the best part, even if you do chip one the bottles are so handy to take in your purse or handbag.

Click here to purchase now.

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