Let’s get digital: 5 podcasts you should be tuning into

Tired of listening to the same workout tracks every time you hit the gym?

Podcasts may seem like the kind of thing your grandma would listen to, but in fact young people are getting into them too.

According to a survey run by Linkedin, 42% of people under the age of 35 listen to podcasts regularly. Cult hits like ‘Serial’ are partly responsible for this tread, with the gritty details of the case having lead to many hour long discussions over coffee, discussing who did it? The rising popularity of podcasts has lead to the creation of an intriguing array of new podcasts talking about anything from Game of Thrones theories, to architecture to true crime cold cases.

 So here are Bondi Beauty’s top five podcasts, that will absorb you so deeply that before you know it, your workout is over.

1. S-Town

One of the greatest hits of 2017, S-Town is the latest podcast craze from the brainchild of the ‘This American Life’ team. An investigative journalism podcast which crashes its way through the life of John B and the people of ‘Shit town.’ Is it a murder? Is it a suicide? and where is the gold buried? The twists and turns of this podcast will make you binge listen this six-part story on your morning runs.

2. Criminal

Ever wanted to know what it was like to illegally sell pot brownies in the 70’s? Or what it like to have your identity stolen as a child? Then ‘Criminal’ is the podcast for you. This crime based podcast covers everything from money laundering, to horse theft in the 1800’s to suspected murder. Each 20-minute episode tells a compelling true story, that will help your FIIT sesh fly by.

3. Trace

It’s been hailed the Australian ‘Serial’. This podcast throws you into the unsolved murder case of Maria James, a mother of two who was brutally murdered in her bookshop in Melbourne in 1980. It’s the only case, Detective Ron Iddles has never solved. This five-part series will release your inner Nancy Drew.

4. Ear Hustle

Every wanted to know what life was like in prison? ‘Ear Hustle’ is broadcast to you from inside San Quentin State Prison and is produced and narrated by the prisoners. The podcast covers the light and dark topics of life in prison from picking your ‘cellie’ to coming to terms with a life sentence.

5. This American Life

Known as the godfather of the modern-day podcast, ‘This American Life’ takes you on an hour long journey every week. The style of the podcast mixes non-fiction journalism with talk show features. Each episode focuses around a single theme be it childhood, or the US election. This American Life is also responsible for creating the cult classic ‘Serial’ and ‘S-Town.’

So pop in those headphones and get listening, as you pound the pavement to a gritty true crime saga which is bound to get your blood pumping with adrenaline.

Maddie Lucre


Maddie is in her first year of a Bachelor of Communications at UTS. She has a passion for writing, podcasts and photography. A self-confessed coffee addict Maddie loves all things to do with food, wine and the beach. In her down time you can often find her coffee in hand heading down to beach with plenty of sunscreen on.

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