Forget Pyjamas: Here’s why you should be sleeping in the nude

Do you love sleeping nude?  You aren’t alone. One in three adults sleep naked according to an international sleep study conducted by the US National Sleep Foundation.

Studies have linked sleeping in the buff to increased libido, decreased stress levels, better sleep patterns and helping you look younger.

So cast off those PJs for some serious health benefits.

1. Boost your sex drive

Sleeping naked next to your partner means easy access for a late night snuggle or rumble. The close quarters and skin to skin contact releases those feel good hormones like oxytocin making you more in the mood, because who doesn’t love a bit of late night sex-ercise. According to a survey conducted by Cotton USA of over 1000 couples, 57% of those who slept in the nude felt they had healthier, happier relationships, compared to the 48% who wore pyjamas.

2. Burn fat

Brown fat, heard of it? Turns out it’s the good fat that helps you lose weight. While white fat is put on when eating a poorly balanced diet, brown fat is heat activated and burns white fat.

Studies in the US have recently found that sleeping in a cooler bedroom helps to activate brown fat, meaning that sleeping at a cool 18 degrees could see you burning off those extra calories, while dreaming of Ryan Gosling re-acting the Dirty Dancing lift with you.

3. Repair skin damage

Sleeping sans clothes allows the skin to breathe free from sweat and dirt and the constriction of clothes. This allows parts of your body that are constantly covered by clothes such as your feet, private parts and armpits to naturally flush away toxins thus reducing the chance of acne or athletes foot.

When your body overheats it stops the production of human growth hormone (HGH), which is triggered to repair damaged skin and muscle cells. By regulating your body temp you allow for a greater production of HGH to smooth over those dark circles and fine lines.

4. Stress less

Going au natural and regulating your body temperature helps to release cortisol. High or unbalanced levels of cortisol can lead to increased levels of anxiety, sugar cravings and weight gain. By allowing you body to regulate its temperature you are allowing for greater levels of cortisol to be created, leading to a more stress free life.

5. Get a good night’s sleep

Did you know that the body naturally sleeps best at 18 degrees? With summer rolling around you might get a better night’s sleep if its just you and a sheet.

In order to fall asleep the body temperature needs to drop about half a degree, by removing pyjamas you allow the body to naturally regulate its own temperature often leading to a deeper and less interrupted sleep. If you need a little extra heat steal some of your partner’s body warmth before retreating to your side of the bed.


Maddie Lucre


Maddie is in her first year of a Bachelor of Communications at UTS. She has a passion for writing, podcasts and photography. A self-confessed coffee addict Maddie loves all things to do with food, wine and the beach. In her down time you can often find her coffee in hand heading down to beach with plenty of sunscreen on.

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