Summer 2020 Nail Trends You Want Now

blue and white floral nails

There has never been a better time to indulge yourself with these stunning spring nail trends.

Fashion week is great for many things; new trends and looks for shoes, clothing, accessories, jewellery, makeup and hair. But it might be little known that the prestigious week also offers nail designs and trends. And this year’s certainly didn’t disappoint.

As the weather warms up, these gorgeous and stylish nail trends will raise the bar. Think cute florals, a multitude of colours and negative spaces.

And remember, life is too short for boring nails.


I know what you are thinking…

But seriously. These floral nails are way too cute to pass up. Flowers are iconic for spring, and there are heaps of ways to filter florals on your nails.

Try out a pastel base coat with mini white flowers. Or if you are feeling bold, replacing the classic French manicure with flowers is a super unique way to jazz up your nails.

Photo Credit: overglowedit – Instagram

Alternatively, if you don’t want to attempt nail art, the Sally Hansen Floral Flower Power nail stickers are the perfect solution. Simply press onto each nail and cover with a top coat.

Credit: yeswhatnails – Instagram

French Twist

A French manicure has always been a classic, but its coming back in a brand new way. Fashion week saw the introduction of the French nail in different ways never seen before.

The Micro French manicure basically takes after its name. Instead of the bold white line at the end of the nail the micro manicure enlists simply the tiniest white stripe instead. It’s not dramatic, but definitely eye catching.

Credit: amy_isha_hembrow – Instagram

If you want something much more daring, variations of the French manicure have also seen different colours at the end of each nail.

Credit: overglowedit – Instagram

Alternatively, the colour block French manicure revitalizes the classic style by combining two block colours on the nail, instead of white and clear.

Credit: overglowedit – Instagram

Negative space

The negative space manicure concerns precise and crisp lines and minimal colour but it definitely makes a statement. Again, debuted in Fashion Week, this style requires a clear base coat with basically anything on top.

This could include lines, circles, squiggles, spots or anything in between. You can go for a simplistic white look:

Credit: amy_isha_hembrow – Instagram

Or add a pop of colour.

Artistic Stripes

In Fashion Week, Pyer Moss debuted bold artistic striped nails, and they look like something that you would find in MoMA.

Also, its so easy to do at home. Simply pick up a few nail polish colours and get creative with slashes and strokes.

Credit: bornprettygel – Instagram

This style definitely would thrive on longer nails. If you struggle to grow out your nails, the Kiss 100 Full-Cover Nails are an awesome alternative. They come in heaps of different shapes and are so easy to press on and paint over.

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