The Ultimate Soft Glam Makeup Guide

Makeup brushes lined in a row against nude backdrop.

With A-list celebs including Kim K, Kylie Jenner, Shay Mitchell and Rihanna sporting the soft-glam look, it is no wonder this makeup style has become the hottest makeup buzzword of the moment.

What is soft glam makeup?

Soft glam makeup is where the face looks soft and glowy but also natural.

This means saying no to harsh contour lines, dark eye makeup and especially to bold lip colours.

Instead, all the elements of the makeup should seamlessly merge together to create the ultimate muted soft glam look.

Here is your guide to mastering soft glam makeup.


Zendaya flaunting perfect, blemish-free skin
Zendaya flaunting perfect, blemish-free skin.

In order to give off the illusion that the makeup looks soft and luminous, the skin must be properly prepped.

This means using hydrating serums, softening moisturisers and a silky primer.

One of the top primers for this look is the No.28 Hour Glass Primer Serum which intensively nourishes the skin.

For foundation the NARS Super Radiant Booster works best.

With this product a little goes a long way to achieve flawless-looking skin.

Warm up the product on the back of the hand before buffing it into the face with a beauty blender or foundation brush.

For concealer, use a matching NARS Creamy Concealer in a lighter tone so as to brighten under-eye circles and smooth away any blemishes around the face.


Soft glam makeup takes a more natural spin on eye makeup in order to carry on the delicate nature of the look.

Neutral colours such as gentle browns and darker nudes work impeccably to accomplish this.

Some of the top palettes for this look include Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette or Bobbi Brown’s Multi-Colour Eyeshadow Palettes.

Pick a colour that is slightly darker than the tone of the eyelid and lightly sweep it across until it is fully blended out.

Make sure to bring the colour down and across the bottom lash line.

With a slightly lighter shade buff in the inner corner of the eyes so that the colours blend seamlessly.

For an extra touch, take an eyeliner crayon or pencil in either a taupe or brown shade and fill in the bottom lash line to warm up the eyes.

A great option for this is the Designer Brands Cosmetics Brown Eyeliner. 

As for mascara, coat the lashes lightly to enhance them but not so much that they become clumpy as this will ruin the look.


Kim Kardashian makeup close up
The perfect ombre brow sported by Kim Kardashian

To master a soft-glam brow, avoid drawing in the eyebrows at sharp angles, instead opt for shaping them with a slight curve at their highest point. 

An ombre brow looks best for this makeup look.

To achieve this, go in lightly with a brow pencil or powder from the half way mark, solidifying the shape towards the end.

With a light hand, blend the excess product at the start of the brows and then brush through with a spoolie to give a more natural finish.

The Benefit Cosmetics Precisely, My Brow Eyebrow Pencil is dual-ended with an eyebrow brush, perfect for sculpting an selfie-worthy pair of diffused soft-glam brows.


The trick to nailing a soft glam contour is all in the art of blending.

The transition from foundation to contour should have a barely-there effect.

For this step of the routine, it is possible to use a foundation colour two shades darker or reach for an actual palette such as the Nude By Nature Contour Palette.

When applying contour, smile so you can place the product underneath the balls of the cheeks and blend upwards.

Remember, there is no such thing as too much blending.


Vanessa Hudgens portrait shot of makeup.
A mouth without lip gloss is like a cake without frosting.

Last but not least comes the lips.

Soft glam lips usually go for shades of nude or a natural pink tone to match the colour of the lips.

Never go for a matte lip when trying to re-create the soft glam look.

Instead select a creamy lip crayon or a velvet lipstick with a simple gloss over top to attain that blurry lip look.

A great option for this would be to use the Colour Pop Lip Crayon and then apply a coat of the Maybelline Top Coat Lip Gloss.

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