Bondi’s Best Spray Tan?



We’ve searched high and low and think this could be Bondi’s Best Spray Tan right now.


Lauren Capelin has been in the spray tan business longer than most. She established one of Bondi’s first spray tanning salons in 2009, and is now in Oxford Street Paddington in a super glamorous beauty haven where she tans Sydney’s celebrities.

“Here we focus on customer service. It’s all about the experience, and it’s about the little things,,” Lauren explains. “We serve Mimosas, citrus water, healthy snacks while people wait,  and all we do is tanning, so we are tanning specialists.”


Beach St offers a beautiful setting as well as the perfect spray tan.

At Beach Street  there are thirty different tanning colours and six different brands, and staff do a full consultation the first time someone goes to ensure you get what you want.

“People are busy and want the perfect, quick spray tan.  It’s the first real time a whole generation is aware of sun damage and skin cancer. We see 18 and 19 year old girls who have never ever laid in the sun.”

“They say they don’t want to get wrinkles and melanomas, and they have regular spray tans.”

In addition to regular tanning services, there’s a gorgeous upmarket VIP deck at Beach St where groups and individuals can receive a full VIP treatments which includes champagne, a luxe secluded area to chill out, and nibble platters. “It’s such a great way to catch up with friends or get ready for a wedding or formal or special occasion.”

And to keep a tan, Lauren says it’s all about hydration – and no baths.”Hot showers and especially baths strip away tan, as does chlorine and salt water. So lots of hydration, moisturiser and limiting hot water by sticking to luke warm water when you are tanned keeps your tan on as long as possible.”

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