Self-Tanning Drops for The Best Sunless Glow

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Yes, a sunless tan can be achieved when it’s not summer and the most convincing self tan can be achieved using self-tanning drops.

Sunless tans are a safer alternative to spending hours in the sun, and now there’s an even better way to achieve the perfect glow with self-tanning drops.

What are self-tanning drops?

Self-tanning drops, as hinted in the name come in a dropper form and has a serum-like texture.

They differ from your traditional tanners as they contain a concentrated amount of DHA which stands for docosahexaenoic acid an omega-3 fatty acid that is the colour additive providing the bronze glow.

The drops can be adjusted to as little or as much and allow customisation of the self-tanning drops into face creams, body creams, oils or serums. Though be careful when adding too much, as skin may turn darker than wanted.

How to use self-tanning drops:

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Mix self-tanning drops into any serum, oil or cream formula product by @isleofparadise

Step 1: Just like a regular tanner, prep your skin and exfoliate beforehand

Step 2: Next, decide on the area which to tan and simply add the drops to face or body products. Make sure they are either cream, serum or oil formula products as this is the intended product to be used with self-tan drops.

Note: For first time application, it is recommended to only add 1-3 drops to create a subtle tan, reapplication can be done to deepen the tone of tan if required.

Step 3: To apply use a circular motion and apply evenly to the chosen area, if tanning the face don’t forget the neck and chest.

Note: Wait an hour for tan to dry so there is no mess as the tan is quite sticky and can leave stains on sheets or clothing

Here are five great self-tanning drops to try out:

Coco and Eve self-tanning drops

Coco and Eve Self-tanning drops RRP $40

The Coco and Eve self-tanning drops are made with a unique formula that not only provides a tropical glow but is also beneficial for the skin’s health. Enriched with their key formulation of Bali Botanicals and the hydrating power of Hyaluronic acids to smooth the skin’s texture and increase elasticity.

Benefits: These drops are alcohol-free and non-drying for a supple summer glow.

Key ingredients: Banana to repair the skin, coconut water to firm the skin and fig to protect skin from aging.

three bottles of self tan drops

Isle of Paradise Self-tanning drops RRP $40

These drops are formulated for sensitive skin and made with hypoallergenic ingredients. Each shade also contains a different complex such as Oxy-Glow™, Super Balance™ and Hyper Violet™ to minimise orange tones, calm skin and diminish redness

Benefits: Cruelty-free, Vegan and made without, Parabens, Sulphates, mineral oils and phthalates.

Key ingredients: Coconut oil for hydration of the skin and Avocado oil to nourish the skin

three bottles of self tan drops on white background

Tanologist face and body drops RRP $19.99

Designed by makeup artist Lotti Tomlinson, these drops avoid the typical after tan scent as they have a fresh eucalyptus fragrance and are made with a low pH level.

Benefits: Tanologist is the first vegan self-tanning brand to be dermatologically they assure all products are suited to sensitive skin, contain non-irritating ingredients and don’t cause breakouts.

Key ingredients: Pink grapefruit, goji berry and juniper for silken soft and hydrated skin and vitamin C for a bright complexion.

face and body self tan drop serum

Tan luxe the face illuminating Self-tanning drops RRP $59

These tanning drops are fragrance-free which means they are great for those with sensitive skin and are created with a streak-free formula.

Benefits: Tan luxe uses the greatest quality, naturally derived tanning actives (DHA) which are cultivated in the South of France to provide an everyday glow that matches the skin tone.

Key ingredients: Raspberry Seed Oil, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients that will enhance the skin.

Self-tanning drop bottle and dropper

Mecca Cosmetica Sunless Goddess Self-Tanning Drops RRP $34

These tanning drops will allow you to acquire an instant, natural luminance with a balanced and dewy complexion.

Benefits: Your skin will be feeling soft and looking bronzed with the vegan and cruelty-free formula.

Key ingredients: Hemp Seed, Jojoba, Coconut, Grape Seed and Avocado are the core ingredients and naturally acquired. These ingredients are anti-inflammatory, promote healing and boosts the skin’s glow.

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