A DIY IPL Hair Removal Machine That’s Worth the Hype

A womna showing off her hairless legs on the beach

Why you should ditch the razor and go IPL (intense pulsed light) for hair removal instead.

With the cold days of winter now well and truly behind us in Sydney, it’s time to get our legs (and bikini lines) ready for hot summer days at the beach, and rocking cute summer dresses.

During cold weather, most of us loosen our grip on hair removal, as it’s acceptable to show no skin.

And whilst shaving is a quick and easy way to remove hair in emergency situations, at-home laser and IPL machines are on the rise as a quick and easy way to remove hair.

And thanks to brands like Philips who have just released their new Lumea Prestige IPL Hair Removal Machine (RRP $799) for at-home hair removal treatments, you no longer need to spend excessive amounts of money and time at a beauty clinic committing to ongoing treatments to remove hair on a constant basis.

You can save at least $100 (or more) a pop on clinical treatments, using in-house hair removal treatments, and that’s before you offer to share your IPL machine with your house mates.

IPL has been proven to reduce hair production by 92 percent with just three treatments and will guarantee six months of hair-free legs with only twelve treatments.

Of course this does depend on how coarse and dark your hair is.

Most women with thicker and darker hair report they have a medium reduction in hair on the legs, of up to 78 percent with only twelve treatments of the IPL . (Which is still a great result.)

The Phillips IPL device has been developed with the help of leading dermatologists, to ensure a safe treatment process for anyone using the device at home, even on extra sensitive areas and it even has a built-in smart skin sensor which indicates the most comfortable setting for your skin, depending which area of the body you are using the device on.

It offers the perfect balance of light and speed to remove hair, so you’ll only experience a warm sensation as it passes over the skin, unlike some in-clinic hair removal treatments which can make you very uncomfortable as they produce a high-intensity burning sensation on the skin.

Lumea is easy to use and painless as well, with four intelligent, curved attachments which adapt each treatment program for the body, the face, bikini lines, and underarms. And the device is both corded and cordless, which is great for travelling.

Not so long ago, IPL treatments for hair removal were reserved for only beauty clinics, and as mentioned were a costly treatment for most women to undergo on a regular basis.

Now with Philips and this new adaptive technology for hair removal, you can achieve beautiful hairless skin in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

This post was sponsored by Philips.

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