Beauty tips for young, fresh, glowing skin – even in Autumn.

Seven tips to keep your skin glowing, young and fresh all year round.

Taking Care of your skin from a young age is the best investment you can make.

Sarah Dower, Director and Beauty Consultant at SGD Body and Beauty,  has seven tips to keep your skin looking fresh and young.

Living in our modern society can place pressures on skin, particularly living in areas with high levels of sun exposure, like Bondi.  Protecting your skin is a priority to keep you looking young, rather than having to go to the extent of surgery or Botox in the future.

Here are a few tips, so that in ten years time, those Facebook photos look as youthful as they do today.

1) Start early.

It is never too early to start taking good care of your skin.  As soon as you become conscious of it, it is a good time to start, and definitely when you start wearing makeup.  However, there is a fine line between this, and what follows.

2) Don’t use strong anti-ageing products too young.

Don’t make the mistake of getting into the anti-ageing skincare really young, before you actually have any signs of ageing.  As you age, your skin becomes so used to the anti-ageing ingredients in many products, you are left with nowhere to turn other than Botox, or similar measures.  A qualified beauty therapist will be able to recommend products that will suit your skin.

3) Ensure your routine will fit with your lifestyle.

Like many women, you may get told you need to use a countless amount of products, in a complicated routine, which can even resemble a science experiment.  This ‘science experiment’ is then the first thing that goes out the window when you get tired.  A simple routine, that is easy to maintain, is much more effective than numerous unnecessary products.

4) Take good care of your skin at home.

No beauty therapist is going to be able to repair weeks or years of damage and stress with one or two facials (often before a wedding or a big event).  Taking good care of your skin at home, and investing in a few good quality products will help more than one or two facials ever will.

5) Avoid picking blemishes.

Invest in a good quality spot cream, or a good deep cleansing mask (leave the deep cleansing mask on overnight, to fully draw out the impurity).  If you squeeze too hard or too soon (before the impurity has been drawn to the surface), this can result in scarring, which doesn’t assist in a flawless complexion.

6) Make sure you avoid too much sun exposure, and use SPF when going to the beach.

This point is a common problem for women living near the beach. There are plenty of good fake tans and spray tans out there at the moment, so that doesn’t mean you have to go down the beach with lily white legs.  In fact, many self-tanning products are beginning to include SPF, which is an absolute miracle worker, if you are trying to protect your skin and get a tan.

7) Finally get out there and enjoy life.

Lowering your stress levels is the best way to prevent your skin from ageing prematurely.  A smile is also the best accessory for looking great.

Sarah Dower, Director and Beauty Consultant at SGD Body & Beauty.

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