Match Makeup and Jewellery for an Effortlessly Beautiful Look

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Match makeup and jewellery for the finishing touch for an outfit to look effortlessly put together. It’s also a way to express personal style and personality. 

Here are some combinations that’ll help match makeup and jewellery for a stylish, timeless look. 

To match makeup and jewellery, thinking about skin tones is where to start.

Choosing the right jewellery colour to match the skin is one of the most important things to consider when using jewellery to compliment your outfit and makeup look, as it’s an accessory that is worn right next to the skin, so it’s worth considering how the colours compliment the tone of skin.

Pale Skin

The best jewellery tone for pale skin is silver or white gold jewellery. Silver or white gold jewellery will pop against lighter skin tones and create a base for a fresh makeup look, without being washed out. 

Lightly Tanned / Olive Skin

For lightly tanned or olive skin, rose gold, silver, and yellow or white gold are all suitable. Silver and white gold are suitable for blondes, as the cool shade will complement the fair hair colour and bring more of a boost to the skin. For brunettes, rose gold, yellow gold and white gold will be the trick to creating a put together look.

Darker Skin

Similar to tanned and olive skin, rose gold, silver, and yellow or white gold are all suitable.

Combination 1: Dewy Makeup x A Gold Charm Necklace 

A dewy makeup look will match perfectly with a gold charm necklace like The Magna Carta Necklace by Ava Olsen Jewellery Co. To get a gorgeous dewy look, the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation from Sephora is an amazing foundation. By pairing a stunning gold charm necklace with fresh dewy skin, a natural and timeless look will be created, and a natural face should always be complemented with fabulous jewellery. 

The Magna Carta Necklace by Ava Olssen features their snake charm, crown charm and crucifix, all of which are reversible but not removable. The necklace is 18K Gold plated and comes with a 21” chain with 4 adjustment loops to suit multiple makeup and outfit styles. 

Combination 2: A ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look x Silver Statement Earrings

A ‘no makeup’ makeup look paired with statement silver earrings will give off an effortless vibe, while pulling the entire outfit together. Create a ‘no makeup’ makeup look with minimal face makeup, complemented by mascara, highlighter, blush and bronzer. For a quick and easy Bondi Beauty ‘no makeup’ makeup routine, click HERE

A stunning pair of earrings that go perfectly with a minimal makeup look are the Silver Charm earrings by Ava Olssen for $98. These gorgeous stainless steel earrings feature mother of pearl sets amongst delicate hoops and charms. They also come in gold, which match nicely with a bold and glamorous bronze makeup look.

Combination 3: Match an Everyday Makeup Look with Layered Jewellery 

For a simple yet organised style, an everyday makeup look paired with layered jewellery will make a simple outfit look intentionally stylish. An everyday makeup look can be boosted with the addition of layered necklaces, without even adding anything to the makeup look. 

matching makeup with jewellery

A combination of gorgeous gold necklaces that layer perfectly together is the Magna Gratia Necklace by Ava Olssen paired with their Gold Cylinder Choker Necklace. These two necklaces compliment each other perfectly, and will add some brightness to elevate an everyday makeup look.

As Yves Saint Laurent said, “Accessories are what, in my opinion, pull the whole look together and make it unique”. So don’t forget to express personal style and personality by complimenting a makeup look with some stunning jewellery.

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