Hair Contouring Is A Thing And Here’s Why You Should Try It



Hair contouring is the hottest hair trend that promises to enhance your facial features in the same way makeup contouring has done for the past year.

Celebrities including  Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, Chrissy Teigen and Lily Aldridge have all mastered the hair-contouring look.

So, what is hair contouring? Hair contouring is the strategic placement of hair dye to suit your face shape and draw attention to your best features. It is usually done with a combination of balayage, highlights and lowlights.

Franck Provost Master Stylist, Chloe Benoit explains “Darker tones create shadows and are used to shorten or narrow the face shape, whilst lighter tones lengthen the face shape by reflecting light”

“We begin the consultation by assessing a client’s face shape (oval, triangle or square/round) and current colour and carefully select complementary tones as well as a colour placement map that will perform an optical illusion, making the face appear more defined and to accentuate the features.

We also determine what type of look the client wants and if her preference is for cool or warm tones. Indian Sun works on any hair type and colour, however, to keep the effect looking natural and subtle, the tones are generally no more than two or three shades above or below the hair’s natural colour.”

The results are stunning and what’s even better is that this is a low maintenance style.

“The tailor made subtle shade selection and careful positioning of the colour means that the finish can look incredibly natural…plus because the regrowth is purposely soft and diffused, it can be extremely low maintenance,” adds Chloe.


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