5 Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

benefits of exercising outdoors

There are a host of benefits of why exercising outdoors is better than working out in a gym.

Intimidated by gyms? Fed up of crowded mornings with herds of people all rushing for the same equipment and stressful evenings trying to get out the office before gym closes?

There’s a reason gyms don’t want you to know the benefits of outdoor exercise. Here are the five ways outdoor exercise could change your life:

With temperatures starting to drop and only several weeks left of Autumn, training outdoors feels a little easier and can be done at any time of the day. However, with Sydney’s crisp mornings and sun-filled days, you’ll still receive your daily dose of vitamin D, which is said to enhance your mood and boost energy for your workout.

Free For All
Taking advantage of outdoor exercise could save you a small fortune, especially if you’re on a budget. Although you will need good trainers, suitable active wear and sunscreen (you certainly still need to protect yourself from those winter rays), this is a small price to pay for the luxury of working out in the beautiful surroundings of Sydney. You could also check out the gym bars on the Coogee to Bondi coastal path.

Be Creative
Say goodbye to waiting for gyms to open or missing your last slot time to make it all worthwhile – just step up and step out. All you need is a small space and a positive attitude to get you going. The more you explore the benefits of outdoor exercise, the more your imagination will see the natural apparatus on offer to create your workouts, from benches to trees and many more.

Alternatively, consider buying the following pieces of equipment to spice up your routine, which can help you improve strength, co-ordination, endurance, balance, core, building muscle and burning fat.

  • TRX: This makes it easy to apply progressive overload to bodyweight exercises, just as you would increase your weights and number of repetitions in the gym.
  • Resistant loop bands: These are lightweight and adaptable for multiple fitness levels. Your muscles adapt to movements quickly, which is why it’s important to add variety to challenge yourself.
  • Skipping rope: Our good old trusted childhood friend is a fun, affordable and portable way to burn up to 10-16 calories a minute.

Change of Environment
The great outdoors can stimulate your mind, body and soul. Outdoor exercise certainly keeps you on your toes, from sand to woodlands and trails, there’s no telling what’s coming next. Having to pay attention to your foot placement prevents you from mindlessly exercising and increases your attention to your surroundings.

Whether it be gyms, outdoor exercise, PT sessions or group classes, I encourage you to consistently add variety to your workouts and remember that if you’re stuck in a rut, there is always a Personal Trainer full of knowledge at the ready to help you out.

By Portia Cooper, Personal Trainer @ Orangetheory Fitness, Bondi Junction
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Portia Cooper

Portia is a PT and ski instructor with various qualifications which have allowed her to drift from country to country over the last 14 years. Originally from south west London, she spent her childhood growing up on the Costa Blanca in Spain. Portia has a love for sunny beaches and snowy mountains, but mostly adventure.

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