90s Comeback: From KKW Beauty to Hairstyles, Here’s How the 90s are Making a Comeback



The revival of the 1990s: The trends we’re loving that are back in force

The cyclical nature of fashion and beauty trends usually means that what once was in will eventually resurface to the masses.

And before the rise of social media and smart phones, the world was blessed with the decade that was the 1990s.

Full of experimentation, expression and the advent of new technology such as cable television and the beginning of the World Wide Web, the 90s were a period that many look back upon with fringes of a nostalgic love.

Yet trends and styles made famous by the likes of Kate Moss, Britney Spears, Alicia Silverstone and the Spice Girls haven’t been forgotten. In fact, 90s trends are making a comeback, with many people today including and adapting them in the modern day.

From KKW Beauty’s newest 90s inspired collection, to the double bun hairstyle and step aerobics, here is how the 90s are making a comeback.

Beauty: KKW Beauty 90s Inspired Matte Collection

Inspired by the trends and supermodels of the 90s, Kim Kardashian’s newest KKW Beauty collection is a plethora of smoky tones, sultry hues and bronzed shadows.

Kim Kardashian KKW Beauty 1990s trends
Kim Kardashian launched her sultry 1990s inspired makeup collection. Credit: @kimkardashian instagram

Split into two separate lines, Matte Smoke and Matte Cocoa, everything in the line, as the name suggests, uses a matte formula.

It includes two 10-shade eyeshadow palettes (RRP US$45 per pallete), one of which features paired back nudes and bronzes (Matte Cocoa). The other is perfect for sultry glam-night looks with darker tones of greys, blacks and nudes (Matte Smoke).

90s Comeback: KKW Beauty Matte Collection
The Matte Cocoa Collection Eyeshadow Palette, $45USD
KKW BEAUTY 1990s Matte Collection 90s Comeback
The Cocoa Collection features warm browns and nudes
KKW BEAUTY 90s Matte collection
The Matte Smokey Palette, $45 USD
KKW BEAUTY 90s Matte Collection
Smokey nudes, browns and greys adorn the Matte Smokey Palette

Also, on offer are five eyeliners (RRP US $10), six lip liners (RRP US$12), and six lipsticks (RRP US$18) in accompanying shades.

And if one notices that the liners and lipsticks don’t match, it’s because it reflects the 90s trend it was inspired by.

In the 90s, contrasted, defined lips were all the rage. As a result, Kardashian has made the lipliners in the new collection all deliberately a few shades darker than the matched lipstick.

KKW beauty 90s collection
Mattifying powders make these lipsticks stay in place. $18 USD

The lipsticks also incorporate a new formula that uses mattifying powders, creating a velvety, long-lasting finish that doesn’t dry. Colours are pigmented and include a warm reddish brown (90s chic), a mid-tone honey nude (90s Glam) and a warmer pink-beige (90s Style). The Matte Smoke line uses colours of peach (90s Runway), a warm pink nude (90s Supermodel) and a darker nude (90s icon).

To celebrate the arrival of the collection, Kardashian issued press kits to a number of icon 90s celebrities, from Kate Moss and Jennifer Aniston to Mary J. Blige, Alicia Silverstone and Claudia Schiffer.

The collection is available from August 16 at kkwbeauty.com

90s Hair Revival

The 90s wouldn’t have been what it was without the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Silverstone and Gwen Stefani gracing screens with their experimental looks. From scrunchies to messy double buns, these hairstyles have made a comeback for all the right reasons

The Scrunchie

A hairstyle wasn’t complete without a scrunchie. These practical but cute accessories were seen on everyone from the likes of Britney Spears’ in her golden days to the Spice Girls. Now, they’ve come back into fashion in force. With more designs and patterns available than ever before, it’s possible to find a matching scrunchie to whatever outfit one chooses

Scrunchies 1990s 90s comeback
Scrunchies were all the rage in the 90s
Scrunchies 1990s Hailey Baldwin Bella Hadid
Now seen on the likes of Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin

The Double Bun

Gwen Stefani and her grungy No Doubt days can be thanked for this trend. Double buns encapsulated a “naughty but nice” vibe, while demonstrating that one wasn’t afraid to experiment to try new looks.

Influencers and celebrities alike have brought back this trend, making it a festival favourite, often incorporating glitter, stars or other accessories. Miley Cyrus also continued the look’s rebel vibes, her hair styled using the trend for her Wrecking Ball music video.

1990s Gwen Stefani Double bun
Gwen Stefani was a fan of the double (or multiple) bun look
90s comeback double bun Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner
Now, celebrities love this cute updo

Wispy Two Strands and Updos

Clueless vibes come to mind with this trend, a quintessential 90s look that has resurfaced in the modern day.

90s Comeback hairstyles clueless
Clueless is the quintessential 90s vibe; this hairstyle is no exception

Start with a high pony tail or bun, and then frame the face with loose and wispy tendrils by pulling out strands of hair from the updo. Doing so relaxes the often harsh look of a sleek, pulled back updo, creating a relaxed and fun style.

Thanks to celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin, celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin have recently been seen incorporating this trend into their red carpet looks.

90s Comeback Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner with the two strands wispy look

The High Ponytail

One may be mistaken for thinking Ariana Grande made the high pony famous, but in fact, this look was adorned by many in the 90s period.

90s comeback high pony tail Naomi Campbell
90s IT Girl Naomi Campbell with the high ponytail

Youthful, fun and practical, this look is also incredibly easy to achieve. Simply brush hair high up onto the head and pin back any fly-away hair strands. To go that extra mile, straighten the ends for a sleek, long look, ala Grande.

90s comeback Ariana Grande high ponytail
Now, the high pony is Ariana Grande’s signature look

Getting fit in the 90s

The leggings, lycra and leotards seen in the 90s might not be back on trend, but what is back with a vengeance are the fitness workouts that helped shape and tone many.

Step Aerobics

La Toya Jackson and other home workout videos made this workout famous, complete with big hair and Fluro leotards.

A great lower body and cardio workout of non-stop movement, step classes involve hopping on and off a bench to fast-paced music. Incorporating moves such as side lifts, butt kicks and hamstring curls, this workout was great for toning the butt and legs.

But look at any gym timetable nowadays, and it’ll be unlikely that a step class isn’t included.

Modern day fitness leader Les Mills, who creates gym classes and workouts for more than 140,000 instructors and 20,000 gyms worldwide, utilises the 90s workout in their BodyStep program.

90s Comeback Les Mills BodyStep
Les Mills’ BodyStep utilises the 90s trend, just without the lyrca and leotards

 Incorporating a similar stackable-bench used in the 90s, this class has been updated for today. It also includes other moves such as burpees, push ups and weight plate exercises. Great for fat burning and lean muscle building, the company claims a 55 minute class can burn up to 620 calories.

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