How To Make Your Botox Last Longer (Hint: It’s All About Hydration)

how to make your botox last longer in lockdown

Considered a luxury for some and an essential for others, anti-wrinkle injections do have a lifespan. But there are ways to make it last longer.

When Samantha from Sex in the City said “Honey, You know me, I don’t really believe in marriage. Now Botox on the other hand, that works every time,” she didn’t know a global pandemic would prevent many from making it to their appointments. 

Australians can’t get enough of anti-wrinkle procedures, spending more than $350 million in treatments annually according to the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery

Considered a luxury for some and an essential for others, anti-wrinkle injections do have a lifespan. 

But there are ways to extend the life of injectibles.

How long do anti-wrinkle treatments last?

Anti-wrinkle treatments such as Botox are a great way to slow down and reduce the signs of ageing. 

Whilst the longevity of antiwrinkle treatments differ from person to person, the full results tend to be visible after 1-2 weeks after injection and last from 3-6 months. 

With uncertainty around when lockdowns will end it has never been more important to look after your skin. 

The Key

Cosmetic Nurse, Ally Hanby from Cosmetic Avenue says adequate hydration is the most important factor when it comes to prolonging the effects of anti-wrinkle and filler treatments. 

What Does Water Have To Do With It?

Water is essential for life. This nutrient is critical for whole body health, making up approximately 60% of body weight. Whether you drink soft or hard, spring or well, carbonated or distilled, water is integral to maintaining the health of every cell in your body. 

The Better Health Channel claims women should consume 2 litres per day and men 2.6 litres per day, but the true amount depends on a variety of factors including age, weight, physical activity and the weather. 

If you are on a high protein diet, you should also consume more water to help the kidney’s process the extra protein: think Keto or Atkins diets.

How To Hydrate Effectively 

When it comes to hydration, start from the inside out. 

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is one way to up your water intake as these foods contain a high-water content, however the best way is to simply up your intake of water.

Consider adding a slice of lemon and fresh mint to your water and buying a large water bottle so you can keep track of your progress throughout the day. 

In the colder months tea is also a good option and offers similar hydrating properties to water as shown in thisrandomised controlled trial. 

Hydrate The Skin Directly

Apart from drinking more water, hydrating the skin directly is a good way to keep it supple and line free. 

Ally recommends performing “a hydrating face mask or using serums to help increase skin hydration, such as hyaluronic acid or vitamin B.”


Often referred to as a ‘Botox booster’Research published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology assessed whether zinc supplements may extend the life of anti-wrinkle treatments. 

The study shows that out of 77 patients, 92% “experienced an average increase in toxin effect duration of nearly 30% when taking zinc supplements and phytase (an enzyme that helps with zinc uptake). 

Sunnies NOT ciggies 

Wear sunglasses when you go out to avoid squinting which can form lines. On that note, if you smoke, cut back or stop completely as smoking causes you to automatically screw your eyes and lips up which can cause new lines.Smoking is also a guaranteed way of breaking down collagen and accelerating the sagging of your skin -the reason why many of us choose to have fillers in the first place.

Slip Slap Slop

This goes without saying, but make sure you apply SPF50 to your face and neck every day, even on cloudy days to reduce any further sun damage. 

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