The Ultimate Guide To Wearing a Facemask During The Pandemic

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Wearing a facemask is the new normal. Whether it is out of necessity, or by choice wearing a mask has proven to wreak havoc in skin.

However, until the obligation is null and void, here is some expert advice on how to keep skin as healthy as possible during this time. 

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How does wearing a mask impact our skin?

Regular wearers of face masks will see a gradual deterioration of the skin under the mask. This is as a result of prolonged sweating and condensation from the air coming out of the nose and mouth when the face is covered by a mask.

Any sort of fabric rubbing directly against the skin can create friction. As a result, skin can experience redness, irritation, peeling and the dreaded ‘maskne’, which is acne caused by the frequent wear of face masks.

What should we avoid when wearing a mask?

To limit the damage to skin when wearing a face mask here are a few things to remember:

  1. Cut down on exfoliation

When you exfoliate your skin, microtears can appear. Normally this is fine, but, when applied with constant use of a face mask it can compromise the skin.

  • Limit makeup in the areas covered by the mask

Make up with a mask? Basically its a mess. By putting an extra layer onto the skin, only to be mixed with the condensation from a face mask creates a sweaty (and kinda gross) environment. Use this opportunity to save some of your beloved foundations.

  • Eliminate fragrances and alcohol products

When wearing a facemask its important to be SUPER careful and gentle with what you put on your skin. Fragranced products can at times cause inflammation and often is a cause of irritation to sensitive skin.

Consider which face mask is the right one for you

There are so many mask options to choose from! Like these from Etsy – @WeddingROSEStudio

Number one tip is to make sure the mask is CLEAN.

The combination of sweat over a long period of time will ultimately create a breeding ground for bacteria. This can lead to breakouts as well as all over dryness.

Also consider the type of face mask being used. Different fabrics react differently on the skin so it is important to find one less irritating and more breathable.

What should we do BEFORE wearing a mask?

It is super important to keep skin hydrated before a long day of wearing a mask.

Desiree Strodahl is the Senior Researcher and Education Manager for Paula’s Choice, a skincare company. She suggests what to do before wearing a facemask:

For normal/dry skin, prep with a super hydrating and protective moisturiser all over the face

For Oily/ Combination skin, a silicone serum, the SKIN BALANCING Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum is a good choice as “the molecular structure of silicones make them air and water permeable, so they don’t suffocate skin or trap sweat”.

What should we do AFTER wearing a mask?

Cleanse. Immediately… Double cleanse if you have time.

It is super important to be using a face wash to remove the build up of moisture, sweat and salt from the day.

Then, follow with your usual skincare routine which should incorporate restorative, replenishing and soothing elements.

Bella Hadid wearing a Facemask

Hot Tips for wearing makeup with a facemask

  1. Concentrate on your eyes and brows. Place extra emphasis on the eyes.
  2. Use lip balm instead of lip stick. Lipstick can smudge and you may as well hydrate those lips while no one can see them.
  3. Use long wear makeup and setting spray.
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