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Beach Proof Makeup Hacks

Summer is the perfect time to head outdoors and soak up the sun, surf and sand. It’s all about understated, natural beauty, but sometimes you just need a little help to get there. These summer makeup hacks will give you the bronzed goddess vibe, without risking skin cancer for a sun-kiss or melting off your […]

So Chocolate Doesn’t Give You Acne?

In the latest chocolate studies on whether eating chocolate causes blemishes or acne, the results are in: Chocolate doesn’t cause acne. In the past, studies on whether chocolate can cause acne or not were always inconclusive, mostly due to added ingredients like milk and sugar often being found in chocolate, and being found as the […]

5 Reasons To Drink Green Tea Daily

Experts agree that incorporating green tea into your daily diet may bring a host of benefits to your skin and weight, and may even help prevent cancer. We take a look at why you should be drinking this superfood everyday. 1) It can help you lose weight Green tea is a powerful weight loss tool, […]

An Amazing New Acne Treatment Breakthrough

If you, or anyone you know suffers from Acne, you need to read about this amazing new acne treatment breakthrough called Kleresca. Acne is one of the most common skin diseases around the world and affects up to 85% of Australians aged between 15 to 24 Even after skin has improved, the physical and emotional […]