Acne Be Gone – The Products You Need to Help Fade Acne Scars

Speed up the process of healing acne scars with these eight, next level acne fighting products.

Acne scars really are the worst part about having acne. They play with your emotions, dropping your skin confidence levels, whilst leaving an irritating reminder of where your skin struggled the most. 

Although products will assist in fading acne scars, preventing acne is the first step in clearing and relieving the skin. These beauty products may also work to prevent the onset of more acne, whilst healing any existing and scaring too. 

To help speed up the healing process, we trialled some pretty fantastic beauty products which will leave your skin glowing and acne free.

Peppy Co ‘LED Light Therapy Mask’ – RPR: $179

Bring the therapeutic relaxation to your own home with this #1 selling LED Light therapy mask. This tech device looks intimidating but it’s free from UVA/B or laser and is super easy to use. 

Just plug it in the USB cable and relax for 10 or more minutes – the mask will automatically shut off after 10 minutes, so there is no fear of leaving it on for too long. 

The mask doesn’t exclusively deal with acne. It has three different light settings, each with dealing with specific skin issues. The ‘Blue Light’ helps fight the appearance of acne, the ‘Red Light’ slows the signs of ageing by revitalising the skin, and the ‘Yellow Light’ helps prevent pigmentation and sun damage. 

After trialling the mask for only a couple of weeks, I have already noticed small visible changes. Especially when using the blue light on my skin, specially designed to combat acne and fade scars, as well as making the skin less oily.

I recommend using the mask two to three times a week at night to achieve the best result. 

Minenssey ‘Australian Clay Mask Skin Revival Set’ – RPR: $79

This clay mask set comes with nine different masks all designed to help purify, revive and radiate your skin. The masks are packaged in a sophisticated and sturdy case, making the whole experience luxurious. It also comes with a handy brush to avoid any mess. 

Clay masks are designed to dry on the skin, to draw out impurities, clean the pores and help your skin to absorb other products better, such as serums and skin oils.

Tip: to stop clay masks from drying out too fast, try spritzing some water or toner onto the mask on your face. But don’t leave on for longer than twenty minutes, as the masks will draw out too much of the good oils in your skin.

As I have dry skin, I tend to stay away from using clay masks, as they feel like a desert on my face. However, in the interest of beauty I thought I would test them out. Instead of leaving my skin feel excessively dry, it felt smooth and hydrated after washing off. My face was glowing, and it definitely looked brighter, with a reduction in redness and inflammation of my acne scars.

Do make sure to be cautious if your skin is sensitive, as some of the active ingredients in these may be too strong and cause irritation. 

Inika Organic ‘Radiant Glow’ – RPR: $69

Super versatile, Radiant Glow acts as a serum, a primer and even a highlighter. As a serum you can use before applying moisturiser to keep skin well hydrated throughout the day. When used as a primer or even as a replacement for your face cream, it leaves a natural sheer glow on your skin which evens out the skin for flawless foundation application.

You can also apply on top of your foundation as a highlighter replacement. However, the texture is quite running, so I would suggest using a makeup sponge to dab the serum over foundation under the eye areas and around the cheekbones instead of applying straight over the top.

This serum contains contains Aloe Vera, organ oil and magnolia bark extract, which are all soothing ingredients to reduce inflammation and help the skin heal faster from breakouts and fade scars faster. My skin felt nourished and well hydrated when using. However, it does take some time to dry, so be patient and wait for it to set before applying any other products on afterwards.

ESK ‘Hydroxy Cleanser’ – RPR: $49

An effective, yet gently cleanser, the hydroxy cleanser is filled with active ingredients including lactic and salicylic acid, both powerful activators in combating acne and hyperpigmentation (acne scars). And after a few tries, these ingredients do show quick results

After gently rinsing, the cleanser left my skin very soft, refreshed and hydrated by even using one pump – a little product goes a long way.

The only downside of the product is it is a quite small item, so it does run out quick, especially if you are using it twice a day as cleanser. Nevertheless, lactic and salicylic acid are luxurious ingredients in the acne community, so it’s better to have a little than none at all – the skin loves it. 

It also is suitable for younger, teen skin as well as older, adult skin, as acne doesn’t discriminate age. 

Carbon Theory ‘Overnight Detox Serum’ – RPR: $31.95

Carbon Theory is not new with trials and reviews, when the UK brand became a viral sensation after their acne soap. However, this is about their serum and, just like their hit sensation soap, the serum is also successful in achieving what it promises. A little drop produces in big changes. 

After a few tries incorporating it into my nightly routine, results delivered instantly, including brighter skin and disappearing acne scars. The smell is also refreshing, but the serum may be sticky and dry when set so, I recommend it for oiler skin. 

The tea tree oil is what stands out as the ingredient cleanses the skin as well as help reduce incoming breakouts and the residue of scars. Don’t forget about the Vitamin E infused which also helps reduces redness – the serum as it all.

Davroe ‘Body & Face Cleansing Gel’ – RPR: $25.95

This all natural and vegan cleansing gel is a great product to start anyone’s journey controlling acne breakouts and scarring. Not only does the gel work on the face but also those irritating acne around the body.  

The lightweight cleanser is packed with Illawarra flame leaf which is another ingredient rich with antioxidant that reduces inflammatory and redness on the skin. After a week or two of using the product during every shower, results started to show – a bit slow but effective indeed, especially acne on my chest. 

It has a great fragrance and may be a bit gooey when used at first but when spread around the face and/or body, the gel becomes easier to handle as well hydrates the skin. Make sure however, to use a generous amount in one go in order to wash every part you desire.  

Carbon Theory ‘Mineral Mud Mask’ – RPR: $24.99

The ‘Breakout Control’ mineral mud mask definitely lives up to its name. After one or two tries of the product, acne spots start to fade and especially if used consistently (every second or third day or night), clear results will be evident. 

Unlike the cleanser gel above, applying it only takes a thin layer for a powerful activation and result as it is gentle yet effective. I suggest leaving it on for about 10-15 minutes to set and after rinsing, the skin is left feeling even, sleek and soft. 

The mask also works as a great hydrator for the skin, therefore appropriate for both dry and oily skin. I luckily first used the mask after a breakout. Nervous at first that it would worsen my breakout, but it actually controlled the inflammation and helped fade the scars quicker. 

Burt’s Bees ‘Detoxifying Clay Mask with Charcoal & Acai Oil’ – RPR: $19.99

Dermatologist-tested, Burt’s Bees clay mask is rich in antioxidants which left the skin looking balanced and glowing – antioxidants never miss. 

The star ingredient in the mask is the charcoal, which in particular helps absorb excess oil and extract impurities and as a result will brighten the skin, especially the dark scarring – I have darker, olive skin and my scars are usually very dark, and this mask definitely favoured them by fading the scars quicker. 

When applied it’ smooth and doesn’t feel too dry when set. However, it may feel dry after rinsed off – a better mask for oiler skin types.

After waiting for around 10-15 minutes, it is able to be rinsed off. The great thing about this process is that the clay will rinse right off, rubbing/massaging the clay off gently is enough. However, it may take a while to see visible results so, make sure to be consistent and persistent in incorporating the mask into your routine – AM or PM routine. 

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