4 Expert Beauty Tips to Achieve the Perfect Spray Tan

expert tips on how to spray tan

Yes, there is a right way and a wrong way to spray tan. These are the insider tips on how to get it right.

Beauty influencer and makeup artist Maria Yousif explains how to achieve a flawless spray tan, and how to make it last longer.

“I still remember my first spray tan like it was yesterday and let me tell you it was an absolute disaster. With over 7 year’s experience with spray tans, and a few nightmare ones at that, I’ve mastered the art of the spray tan and what you can do to eliminate the very real possibility of leaving the salon looking like a carrot with tiger stripes. 

Thankfully, my sister who shared this same awful tan experiencs as me, has since become one of Sydney’s leading spray tan specialists. Largely hosting brides-to-be as her main clientele, she is renowned for her skills and understanding of the spray tan process.

Developed over years of experience, she has a world of tanning knowledge, and what NOT to do’s, gaining a reputation of love and trust among her clientele. So today I have enlisted her to provide you her top tips for spay tan preparation.


First things first: When it comes to getting a spray tan do your research and ensure you are going to someone with at least 3 years experience. If you use a specialist who has just started odds are you will be walking out of there looking orange.

We all remember that scene from Bride Wars don’t we??


Now that you have done your research and found yourself someone you can trust, it’s time to book the appointment. Most people should already know this but just in case, I will reiterate, no you cannot wear a fresh tan to an event. The smell, the colour and most importantly the running of the tan will not do you any favours if you do and you’ll end up with tan on your outfit… or someone else’s.

It is important to allow two to three days prior to your event, to get your tan. These additional days will allow your tan to fully develop, and then fade or ‘wash-off’ as we like to tell our friends, giving you that perfect golden tan we all want. 


Preparation for a spray tan is crucial. In the lead up to your appointment, is important that you first remove any body or facial hair. Be mindful of the type of razor you are using. Razors with a moisturising strip leave a film on the skin, which affects the absorption of the tan. Ensure you wash you legs well after shaving if your razor includes this feature. Next, it is time to exfoliate.

Exfoliating removes that layer of dead skin which often leaves tan looking patchy. Oil-free exfoliators are a must. Oil based products leave a residue on the skin’s surface which can affect the development of the tan, and result in an uneven finish. When exfoliating, gently scrub the skin to reveal a fresh, healthy layer, that is primed and ready for an even glow.

If it’s an important weekend for you with manis and pedis being a must, ensure you get these done prior to your spray tan. Acetone, UV lights and other common nail products, strip spray tans, which could leave the tan on your hands patchy and uneven. 

Even some celebrities can get it wrong in the fake tan department. Don’t make the same mistakes.

The Day: 

On the day of your spray tan appointment avoid wearing perfume or deodorant. Shower prior to attending, removing all moisturiser or products on your skin. Think of your skin as a canvas – you want to leave it clean.

Before heading to the appointment remember to pack loose clothing to wear after your spray tan is done. This will ensure you will avoid smudging your tan on your clothes, creating patches and line through your fresh tan. 

Now for the final step. Before entering the tanning tent moisturise your hands, feet, knees, and elbows. These areas hold drier skin and subsequently absorb more of the tanning product, leaving these areas looking darker. 

Time to get bronzed – Good luck.

Maria Yousif

Maria Yousif is a longstanding beauty influencer and makeup artist. Stepping into the beauty industry over a decade ago, Maria’s depth of the industry makes her the go-to authority for all things hair and makeup. Utilising her Instagram and Youtbue channels with a collective reach of 180K followers, Maria has established herself as a key brand ambassador for several well-known makeup brands, such as her longstanding partnership with Ardell lashes. Maria is known for creating unique content and chic makeup looks. Her bubbly and playful personality has made her one of the most popular makeup artists in Sydney. You can find Maria and her makeup looks on Instagram @mariayousif_

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