I Had The AstraZeneca Jab And This Is What Happened

I was in the 1B group for the AstraZeneca vaccine, due to diabetes, to so I had the jab last week. This is what happened.

There are a lot of stories around about various encounters with the vaccine, and consequences of having the AsrtaZeneca jab, so I was a touch nervous.

I had to fill out and sign a stat declaration about who I am, the fact I do have diabetes, I am a real person and so on. I was asked in great detail about whether I have ever had covid 19 – and I have after a skiing trip in France last year.

I stayed in a chalet for a week, and after I left I had all of the symptoms, but was never actually tested. However, many of the people in the chalet were tested and did have covid 19.

Renae after having the AstraZeneca vaccine.

I had a consultation with a doctor, who said I may experience the same symptoms of covid but in a much lesser way, and then had to wait to see the nurse for the jab. She said to cancel any exercise for the next 24-48 hours depending on how I felt.

The actual jab was at about 3pm, it wasn’t painful, and was quick and easy.

The nurse gave me a detailed form to keep with the date, batch number of the vaccine, and made an appointment for me to return in 3 months. She said to keep it in the event the vaccine was updated for the second round. Sorted.

I felt fine that afternoon and woke up feeling ok until about 10am. Then things went hazy. I felt a bit under the weather, and light headed. My arm was very sore at the point of incision.

I was tired and found concentrating difficult. I went to the post office to pick up some parcels, and it was only at 8pm that night I realised I had left all of the parcels in a trolley in the shopping centre. There is a first for everything.

I was shocked and it made me realise the vaccine was effecting me. I had to admit I was very vague and working was really not possible. I had an early night, and did not sleep well. I was hot and cold all night. And my dreams were really off the wall.

The symptoms I experienced after the AstraZeneca jab were very similar to my experience when I had covid -19 over a year ago, just as the doctor had predicted, but not nearly as severe.

I woke up 36 hours after the jab feeling better but still light headed. It as only after 48 hours I felt back to normal.

I was very surprised at the severity of the symptoms, and particularly how much they effected me mentally.

When it is time to have the second injection in 3 months time, I will definitely take at least one full day off work, and really take it easy – potentially spending the time on the couch planning my next overseas trip, whenever that will be!

Personally I would not hesitate to go through it all again. One look at India is a reminder of how lucky we are to have access to the vaccine, and I have no doubt it will be essential for anyone to be fully vaccinated who wants to travel the world.

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Renae Leith-Manos

Editor and Founder of Bondi Beauty

Renae Leith-Manos loves fitness, new beauty products, long chats and long flights. She is at her best when traveling the world writing about luxury hotels and Michelin Star restaurants (www.renaesworld.com.au). She has had a colourful media career as a journalist inmagazines and newspapers, in Australia and Asia. She spends her time writing, cooking, consulting to new businesses, running and working out.

  1. Thank you for your honest recount. I had almost an identical experience to yours.
    For my second jab I’ll definitely schedule a couple of free days afterwards and have paracetamol and ibuprofen handy!
    It wasn’t pleasant, but I’d rather go through this than ending up like India. I only wish all other 50+ yo Australians felt the same way!
    I’m disappointed by so many of my friends’ excuses for why they’re not getting the jab. I’ve heard policemen and doctors saying they’re in no hurry to get the jab. So very selfish. I’m not just doing this to protect myself, I’m doing it for the elderly and all those who are unable to have the vaccine.
    Man up people! Do it because it’s the right thing to do!

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