Teeth Whitening Is The Ultimate Beauty Treatment

There’s no excuse now, with teeth whitening techniques easier and quicker than ever.

There’s nothing worse than meeting someone new, and noticing their discoloured teeth. Bondi Junction’s Dr Tam talks to Bondi Beauty about revolutionary new teeth whitening technologies to help you achieve that perfect white smile.

If yours are ok, check out your partners, as this is beauty treatment that men can benefit from too.

1) How has teeth whitening technology changed in recent years?

The Philips ZOOM system has improved over the years, especially in regards to the whitening lamp. The latest LED lamp technology used in the Philips “Whitespeed” system gives incredible results. It allows the operator to control the intensity of the LED lamp, therefore increasing their ability to adapt to each patients specific teeth whitening desires.

2) Is it a lengthy process?

The  whitening procedure is completed over approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. During this time a highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel is placed onto each tooth, this solution is then used in conjunction with the LED lamp to accelerate and amplify the teeth whitening procedure for enhanced results.

3) Why do people get their teeth whitened – what are the reasons?

People generally get their teeth whitened to improve stained, dark and discoloured teeth. Tooth whitening can be an excellent way to completely rejuvenate your smile, whether it be prior to a special event or to simply be able to enjoy a whiter, brighter smile!

4) How long does it last?

Tooth whitening lasts approximately 2 years- depending on lifestyle factors such as oral hygiene and diet. Having whitening trays is important, so the colour may be boosted every so often to maintain the glow.

5) From what age can people start whitening their teeth?

People can start whitening their teeth from approximately the age of 18, although it is important that all patients considering whitening their teeth have been informed of things such as post whitening instructions and that they understand the process.

6) What are the biggest causes of staining to teeth/ are there certain foods we should just avoid in order to have white teeth?

Anything that would stain a white shirt will stain your teeth. Unfortunately, this means all those guilty pleasures we love to indulge in at times i.e. coffee, tea, red wine. Foods such as laksa, tomato based soups and others dark or rich in colour can also contribute to staining of teeth. If you’re unable to avoid these things, we suggest using a straw, or simply brush your teeth after consuming them.

7) Is teeth whitening beneficial to your teeth?

Tooth whitening can be beneficial in many ways. To your teeth it serves cosmetically to enhance the appearance of one of the greatest accessories anyone can wear- a genuine smile. It can be a great way to boost confidence not only in yourself, but also in your smile.

Get your confidence and healthy smile back with teeth whitening.

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