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Call the girls – we’ve found your next squad activity day.

The Lip Lab in Paddington is a hands-on experience where you over see the creation of your own lipstick or foundation.

It’s all quite simple – Book an appointment, choose your favourite colour, finish and scent, and then watch as the talented technicians create a lipstick chosen by you for you.

You don’t personally get to mix the colours yourself, because as it turns out it takes a fair bit of training to create lipsticks (makes sense), but you do get to decide what colour and flavour you want your signature lipstick.

Very own creation.

Sitting opposite the technician with a wheel of dozens of little bottles, all labelled a different delicious flavour, will bring back some serious Lip Smacker flashbacks.

Prepare for your 8-year-old self to be SCREAMING.

Fave flavour on the delicious wheel, hands down mimosa. Because bringing a mimosa scented lipstick to Sunday brunch is all sorts of amazing.

The Lip Lab doesn’t just do lips, it also creates foundation, specifically for your skin’s colour and type.

And it’s foundation made for your skin by some seriously talented women.

My skin is tricky, I am extremely oily and have rosacea, so I constantly have a slight red tinge to my face. To my absolute thrill, the Lip Lab have a formula that they add to their foundation for people with rosacea to calm it down and hide the redness…and I am pleased to report it works.

Not only that but they note your skin type and create foundation that suits your skin; whether its oily, dry or combination.

You will walk out of the Lip Lab with a foundation you know is going to work.

The best part? They keep your specialised concoction on file, so when you run out of your own personalised foundation, you can just call up and order yourself a new one.

The Lip Lab also takes group bookings, so if you’re looking for a fun but different hens party idea, the Lip Lab is able and willing to host a bride to be and her bridesmaids in a truly unique hens day.

The whole experience unashamedly indulges in that makeup loving girly side of us, and we highly recommend a visit.

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