The New Beauty Products We Are Using During Isolation

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The beauty products we’re loving during lockdown – road tested by the Bondi Beauty Team.

Anisha Loves: Clean And Pure Lip Balm 

The one beauty product that is keeping me sane during lockdown is my Clean and Pure skincare lip balm. I coat my lips with this gorgeous coconut-scented lip balm probably around every 15 minutes, not even because my lips are chapped but because I love how smoothly it applies. I cannot tell you the amount of mini heart attacks I’ve had when I’ve reached over to my bedside table to grab my lip balm for it to have fallen on the ground, rolled under my bed and caused me to enter into a state of panic trying to find it again. 

Pink lips being coated with pink sparkly lip gloss.
Lip balm is always a must

Zoe loves: Hair Treatments

As I’m not rushing out the door anymore, I’m recently loving using hair treatments to really nourish and treat my damaged, dry hair. I’ve been able to use treatments that I have to leave in for a few hours, and I’ve also stopped straightening my hair to give it a break from heat damage.

The way I see it is that I can use these next three months to completely treat myself and emerge in the best way possible – hair included. I’ve also been loving giving my skin a break by not wearing makeup. 

Rebecca Loves: Microderm Exfoliant by Rodan + Fields

This has been my skin saviour for a deep cleanse whilst in self-isolation as I can’t get to the beauty salon for a proper microdermabrasion treatment. The formula is easy to apply and use and contains enzymes too, for a deeper cleanse to the pores to help remove dead skin cells and any dirt from the day. I finish with a rich hydrating sheet mask and my skin feels amazing.

Girl with facemask
You can’t go wrong with with a face mask

Renae Loves: Face Masks From Antipodes

I am loving the natural New Zealand based skincare brand Antipodes’ face masks right now.

The Aura manuka honey mask cleanses and smooths my skin, smells heavenly and provides smoothness to my skin after just one treatment. It comes in a pretty tube which is super easy to use.

I also like the Antipodes Halo Skin-Brightening Facial Mud Mask, which really brightens my skin and gives it a natural glow.

Due to being locked down endlessly, I am finding that face masks really do boost my skin, and even my mood. I usually play a meditation or some calming music whilst I lie back and relax with a mask, which makes it a calming experience mentally as well as physically – winning!

Tara loves: Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash

Throughout this crisis, the importance of facial hygiene is vital, so I’ve been really prioritising cleansing my face and skin. The Origins ‘Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash’ (RRP $38.00) is paraben and cruelty-free and formulated with broad leaf extract to tackle oils and wheat protein to protect dry patches.

The consistency is light, and it froths up a lot as soon as you apply it with water on to the face. For best results, I apply the product using a cleansing brush. Vanity Planet have silicone brush which is designed to reject bacteria and helps achieve a deeper cleanse.

Tara Mckenzie

Like many of Bondi Beauty's readers, Tara has two main passions; health and beauty. As a group fitness instructor you'll either find her dripping in sweat during a HIIT class or with a full face of bronze makeup. If you meet Tara in person be prepared to act excited as she tells you all about your star sign and why you should start carrying a rose quartz around in your purse.

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