The Man Giving Aussie Women Their Best Orgasms

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This is not a drill. There is now a shot that helps women reach orgasm, and we’ve spoken to one of the only Aussie doctors accredited to give it.

Dr Mike Shenouda is one of a handful of accredited doctors in Australia to perform the shots, practising in Sydney and the Gold Coast. In this Q&A Dr Mike answers everything we wanted to know about the O-Shot, and why it’s important for women to find and experience sexual pleasure and reach orgasm.

Dr Mike Shenouda answers all of our orgasm questions
  • How does the O-shot work? How is it different from something like Viagra?

The O-shot heightens sexual pleasure through the sensory experience of orgasm and improves libido and arousal, while the female Viagra is a treatment which solely addresses low libido. Extensive studies of patients demonstrate the O-shot has a broader range of benefits increasing sexual desire, arousal, lubrication, frequency of orgasm and orgasm intensity.

A low libido is a fairly common problem in women, around 30% of women are affected by it at some time in their life, while 10% experience significantly low libido. Female Viagra treats low libido by boosting the activity of neurotransmitters in the brain to bring on sexual arousal, in contrast the O-shot heightens sexual pleasure by injecting growth factors from your own blood into your the clitoris, labia, and G-spot. Women find increased arousal follows naturally after increased pleasure.

  • What area the benefits of the O-shot? 

The O-shot works by stimulating new stem cells, collagen, blood vessels and nerves in your clitoris, labia, and G-spot. Your vagina will become more sensitive to pleasure, enabling you to experience what women often described as explosive orgasms. O-shots allow women to experience more frequent vaginal orgasms and feel more aroused, more often. Women claim the better sex from O-shot has led to a stronger emotional connection with their partner. Many women report feeling sexier because they are more in touch with their sexuality as a result of O-shot.

The O-Shot makes your more sensitive to sexual pleasure
  • What are some of the reasons women may struggle to orgasm during sex? How can other medical conditions/ lifestyle factors affect a woman’s ability to orgasm?

Sex therapists often describe men’s sexual desire as a light switch and women’s the cockpit of a 747 because women have so much more at play in sexual desire. Orgasmic issues usually come in the form of less frequent and less satisfying orgasms brought on by stress, medication, depression or other negative feelings towards sex. 5% of women have trouble with arousal, 10% of women have low desire, 5% have difficulty with orgasm, while 10% of women experience pain during sex. O-shot can assist the majority of these cases, if you have issues being orgasmic, it is important to have a consultation with an O-shot physician to find out if  O-shot is right for you.

  • What are the health benefits of an orgasm?

Orgasms benefit your skin, your sleep and stress levels.

Orgasms are an anti-ageing treatment. By raising your estrogen levels an orgasm produces collagen to reduce wrinkles. In addition, the after-orgasm glow that comes from blood vessel dilation, brings oxygen to your face to further stimulate collagen.

Orgasms boost emotional well-being. The neurotransmitters and neuropeptides generated  from  your orgasm reduce stress, and boost your mood.

Orgasms help your physical well-being. The chemical DHEA released during orgasm, will enhance your immune system, contribute to bone health, and help repair tissues. Orgasms can even help reduce pain through your body’s own pain killers including oxytocin. An orgasm acts as an effective lymphatic massage assisting with your body’s detoxification.

Get your orgasm back with the O-shot
  • Should the O-shot be used in conjunction with other factors/ measures in order to increase a person’s sexual pleasure or enhance the sexual experience?

Many women find the O-shot brings the revitalisation to their sex life they were seeking. For women seeking to explore additional ways to heighten their sexual experience, they can use a similar growth factor treatments to the O-shot on their nipples for heightened sensitivity. Women with thin vaginal walls from breast cancer or other factors, can use growth factors from their own blood to rejuvenate their vaginal wall, improving their experience of vaginal sex and reducing associated pain. For women living with emotional blockages to sex, a sexual therapist can help a women uncover if there is unresolved trauma impacting on their sex life.

  • You’re one of the few accredited doctors in Australia to perform the shots, why is the availability of this treatment so limited?

The O-shot is a patented treatment by Charles Runels MD who is based in the U.S. In order to become a certified O-shot practitioner, a doctor needs to train in the US instructed by Dr Runels. Dr Runels has a database of qualified practitioners on his web site. It is a precise and specialised procedure, performed incorrectly, the O-shot could be ineffective or worse. If you are seeking an O-shot, ensure you work with an accredited doctor.

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